Conservation agriculture

Conservation agriculture

Is your soil healthy?

Healthy soil has certain biological, chemical and physical components that interact and will influence one another, says Dr Pieter Swanepoel, a soil quality, plant and pasture scientist at the Western Cape department of agriculture.

The hero called humus

The verdict is out – humic acids can boost yield and save on costs.

A plan for the pepperbark tree

The Warburgia project works towards conserving the endangered pepperbark while accommodating cultural traditions and the needs of communities bordering the Kruger National Park. Project leader, Michele Hofmeyr, talks to Nan Smith.

Increase profits with Biological farming

Biological farming can help to increase profit, but it’s crucial to plan carefully, start small and persist despite initial failure.

Savannah management: hands-off, but not haphazard

Kruger National Park conservation manager Dr Freek Venter explains the gradual but fundamental shift in the management of the park as it embraces biodiversity.

What is drip fertigation?

Drip fertigation might be ideal for infertile desert sands, but it’s not suited to biological farming.

Some facts about Dodder

Dodder is a major threat to Sericea, and demands rigorous control. Neglecting the problem can lead to a drastic reduction in forage yield.

Back to Bana?

This claimed ‘miracle grass’ is out of fashion. But it shouldn’t be, as it has several obvious advantages.

Can high-value game improve your veld?

The answer depends on how you manage your animals – and whether you buy a special kind of grazer.

A win,win, win forestry practice

Biological agro-forestry has the potential to treble carrying capacity – and boost profits.

Transforming forestry

Farming timber the biological way and adding cattle will boost your profit.

Turning the conservation tide on the Agulhas Plain

The Nuwejaars Wetland Special Management Area (SMA) is an innovative, farmer-driven solution to balancing commercial farming with conservation. Denene Erasmus visited farmers in the SMA to learn more about this groundbreaking initiative.


Food Security Webinar

Millions of people are going hungry in South Africa each day. Who is to blame?
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