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Conservation agriculture

Long live the leopard

Leopard populations are at risk across their range. Research conducted by the Limpopo Leopard Project has resulted in an adaptive management system for leopard conservation. Carnivore ecologist, Ross Pitman, spoke...

Réunion’s sugarcane subsidies

Global farming conditions and practices can vary significantly. This could not be more evident when comparing sugarcane production on Réunion Island with that of South Africa.

The big herd effect (Part 2): The case for fresh research

Farmers need research on mixed density management, says Dr Peter Ardington, veterinarian and livestock farmer from Mandeni in KwaZulu-Natal.

Part one: The big-herd effect

Before humans began disrupting grassland ecosystems, large moving herds of grazing herbivores were part of the natural order, says farmer and vet Dr Peter Ardington, who has studied historical documents...

Save water

There are many easy ways to save water. Here are some tips from Rand Water.

Sustainable sugarcane farming

Sugarcane is often called an environmentally hostile crop, but one Eston sugarcane farmer is putting that attitude to bed.

Protect our oxpeckers!

Which ectoparasiticides are safe for these valuable birds? You’ll find the answer on this handy oxpecker compatibility chart.

Success with livestock & conservation farming

This year the annual Grassland Society of South Africa’s Peter Edwards Award was shared by Arnold Griesel and Kobus Marais. They discuss how conservation farming has worked for them.

Veld recovery after fire

Farmers in semi-arid grassveld regions should not graze recently-burnt veld too soon. Ecologically, this is the worst thing to do as it compounds grazing problems.

Sustainable fynbos harvesting – join now!

The Cape Floristic Region (CFR) is home to more than 9 000 indigenous plant species. Collectively, these plants are known as fynbos, from the Dutch fijnbosch – fine (leafed) bush....

Is your soil healthy?

Healthy soil has certain biological, chemical and physical components that interact and will influence one another, says Dr Pieter Swanepoel, a soil quality, plant and pasture scientist at the Western...

The hero called humus

The verdict is out – humic acids can boost yield and save on costs.


‘Exceptional’ Boer goat ram sells for record R375 000

A Boer goat ram from the Lukas Burger Boer Goat Stud near Griekwastad has been sold for a record price of R375 000 during the stud’s 22nd production sale, which...
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