Conservation agriculture

Conservation agriculture

Sericea or crown vetch?

Decide for yourself which of these two robust legumes will be best suited to your situation.

Crown vetch – amazing persistence

Crown vetch is a robust legume suitable for many regions in South Africa.

Grazing and burning to maintain biodiversity

In this second part of our series on managing grasslands for biodiversity, grassland ecologist Dr Richard Lechmere-Oertel discusses guidelines and treatments for various systems.

Quagga rebreeding: a success story

Until recently, it was believed that the last quagga died in Amsterdam Zoo in 1883. Today, however, this iconic animal is alive and back in the Western Cape. How was it possible to revive an animal from extinction? Keri Harvey speaks to the Quagga Project’s Craig Lardner.

Sericea lespedeza: A 30 year learning curve

Lessons learnt from cultivating Sericea lespedeza.

Managing grasslands for biodiversity

In the first part of our series on grassland management, grassland ecologist Dr Richard Lechmere-Oertel explains that understanding how grasslands respond to burning and grazing is crucial to maintaining biodiversity and sustaining animal production.

Great Karoo grazing solutions

Desperate times call for desperate and often innovative measures that can be of lasting benefit.

Overgrazed and understocked

How to reverse desertification and boost profits.

Invest in grass for better beef

There’s a bright future for beef produced from grass, but we need smarter veld management.

Managing your veld optimally

There’s no single recipe for improving veld productivity. Rather, constant refining is needed.

Managing cheetah: a co-ordinated approach

Cheetah on commercial farmland have value as part of a free-roaming population and should not be removed or relocated. Roelof Bezuidenhout talks to Vincent van der Merwe of the EWT.

The Savory system – even in the Karoo

Allan Savory’s approach to veld management is reversing desertification around the world.


Food Security Webinar

Millions of people are going hungry in South Africa each day. Who is to blame?
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