Field Crops

potatoes planted by tractor

The long, hard road to profiting from potatoes

In 1998, at the age of 45, Frans Vlok left his job as head of Kynoch fertiliser services in the Western Cape to pursue his lifelong dream of farming full-time....
leaf rust

Wheat producers, treat fungicides with caution!

South African wheat producers should guard against over-application of fungicide, according to Dr Tarekegn Terefe, senior researcher at ARC-Small Grain, Bethlehem. The unnecessary use of fungicides can harm the environment...

Try the new Polysulphate fertiliser

Polysulphate® is a new, multi-nutrient fertiliser that has been introduced to South Africa by ICL Fertilizers.
green peppers

Attention to detail ensures high-quality sweet peppers

While launching a new farming venture as a first-time farmer may seem daunting, Hannes Wolvaardt is proof that it can be done. He shared his tips on successful sweet pepper...
coffee berries

Labour-intensive coffee farm prospers in Hazyview climate

With the call to increase job opportunities in agriculture, many farmers have been left scratching their heads over the economic implications. But the Schroeders of Mpumalanga have found a winning...
lucerne crop

Boost your farm’s sustainability with the right crop rotation

Including more than three crops in a cash crop system may not only help increase yield, but significantly enhance the long-term sustainability of a farm. Dr Johann Strauss of the...

Potato farmer’s virgin soil strategy to reduce disease risk

Potato production is a high-risk, high-reward industry. Farming seed potatoes is even more so. Sabrina Dean visited Gerhard Bruwer of Genade Boerdery in the Northern Cape to find out more...
raw water stored in dams

Tips for top-quality irrigation water for intensive cropping

Growers of irrigated crops need to have access to properly treated irrigation water. Mike Kruger, owner of Top Crop Nursery, explains how he uses flocculation and chlorination to maximise the...
regenerative agriculture tractor ploughing

Learning about regenerative agriculture

The implementation of regenerative agriculture principles is allowing a growing number of farmers to reduce their inputs while producing similar or even better yields than they would have produced if...
lettuce burnt rotting signs of calcium deficiency.

Solving calcium deficiency for better-quality crops

Calcium is a challenging and intricate element to manage in a crop, but if its levels are not balanced, the quality and shelf life of produce are compromised. Lindi Botha...
harvesting maize

How to achieve optimal maize production

Maize growers often have questions on to how to maximise their crop yield and the profitability of their enterprises. Grant Pringle, a product agronomist at Pannar Seed SA, gives expert,...

Novice tunnel farmer wins with hydroponics

Byron Booysen started farming only five years ago and now produces tomatoes and other crops in an undercover system on 1,9ha just outside Kraaifontein near Cape Town. Jeandré van der...


Fresh herb demand falters as COVID-19 shuts restaurants

Despite the market for fresh herbs being very small compared with that of fruit and vegetables, it is an industry that has grown significantly over the past few years.
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