Field Crops

Farmer’s Weekly brings you the latest field crop farming news and updates from South Africa and the rest of the world.

The award-winning cucumber farmer who’s focused on the future

Planning and forward thinking are important in farming, says Kobela Mokgohloa, the owner of Korema Farm in Winterveldt near Pretoria. He spoke to Magda du Toit about how he grew his cucumber production, as well as his plans for the future.

Transform maize production with Pannar’s PowerCore™ technology

Farmers can reclaim their power by integrating powerful insect-resistant seed traits in their maize crop production, thanks to Pannar's PowerCore™ technology

Plant health: Protect your canola from blackleg

With blackleg being amongst the worst diseases of canola, South African researchers are conducting trials to find the most resistant cultivars and most effective fungicides for local conditions. Dr Gert van Coller of the Western Cape Department of Agriculture offers advice on control of the disease.

Cassava: an untapped resource in South Africa

Light Ngobeni and Zinhle Nkosi, agricultural economists and master’s students at the University of Pretoria and the University of Limpopo respectively, write about the importance of cassava production for farmers and consumers in South Africa, and how to develop the value chain.

A shorter growth cycle for higher lettuce profits

Lettuce is beholden to an inconsistent market, with demand often dependent on the weather. Sustainable production therefore requires careful management of supply and demand. Equally important, as farmer Jakkie Mellet explained to Lindi Botha, is a shorter, more productive, growth cycle.

Cactus pear: one crop, three profitable markets

One of the most important decisions the Van der Berg brothers ever made was to include the production of cactus pear in their farming operation. Dewald van der Berg spoke to Annelie Coleman about their business.

Factors influencing maize yield

Yield potential refers to the maximum yield that a farmer can obtain from a crop in a given environment and is largely determined by a specific combination of factors. Magda du Toit spoke to industry experts about the basic principles that determine yield and profit in maize farming, and how a farmer can improve results.

Avocado production: how a trellising system can optimise yield

The Ernst family, owners of Allesbeste Boerdery in Tzaneen, are renowned for their pioneering research and development work in the avocado industry. Zander Ernst, director of marketing and production at Allesbeste, spoke to Magda du Toit about their latest project, which involves the trellising of avocado trees.

Innovations in soya bean crop production

New varieties and technology are ensuring that local soya bean producers are now better equipped to compete with farmers in other production areas around the world, reports Magda du Toit.

Are your seeds coated with advanced technology?

Advanced seed technology presents farmers with the opportunity to introduce more resilient crops, improve yields and adapt to a more dynamic farming environment to ensure a sustainable future.

Global solutions for grain crops

Stoller South Africa offers a wide range of plant physiology solutions for leguminous and non-leguminous crops.

SA’s vineyards need climate-proofing

To combat the effects of climate change, South African wine farmers will have to plan the establishment of new vineyards more carefully, especially if they want them to achieve heritage status.