Field Crops


Producing high-quality extra virgin olive oil

In the Paardeberg near Wellington, Slent Farms are producers of superior quality olive oil. Michela Sfiligoi and Attilio Dalpiaz spoke to Jay Ferreira about their successful operation.

Farming in Poland, Europe’s growth engine

Poland’s agricultural sector has undergone significant changes over the past 25 years, and the country now has the potential to become Europe’s major food production and processing hub.

Converting from traditional to conservation farming

The recent drought in the Swartland made Abri Richter realise that he had to adapt his farming techniques to ensure his operation’s long-term sustainability. He spoke to Glenneis Kriel about...

ZZ2’s, 10 000t of avocados using nature-friendly methods

The ZZ2 farming business’s nature-friendly agricultural practices have secured it a reputation as a world leader in the field. Wilma den Hartigh visited ZZ2’s farm in Limpopo to find out...
save our bees

How do we save our bees?

Globally, the fate of bees, as well as their important role in pollination and food production, have been in the spotlight. Wilma den Hartigh spoke to industry experts about the...

Hi-tech innovation revolutionises a Limpopo citrus farm

When Stefan and Anné Pretorius established Katlego Sitrus more than a decade ago, they decided to re-evaluate everything they knew about farming. This involved introducing new technology to improve production...

Mushroom production tips from a Boland farmer

For small-scale mushroom farmers in South Africa, production can be a challenge. But Wilmaré Lotz of Boland Mushrooms succeeded in doubling production in her first year as manager. Specialising in...

Top Young North West farmer’s secrets of success

The 2016 North West Young Farmer of the Year John Griffiths started farming when he was 16 years old. Pieter Dempsey visited him on his farm near Brits.
Vegetable crops improve wheat yield

Vegetable crops improve wheat yield

Many small-grain farmers in the Southern Cape have added brassicas in the form of canola to their crop rotation programmes. Jose de Kock talked to Glenneis Kriel about how he...

Canola: effective rotation crop, profitable cash crop

Some 16 years ago, Johannes Joubert introduced canola to his crop rotation system on the family farm Kweekkraal. This not only contributed to the health of his soil, but led...

Raising the bar with cultivar selection

Peter Da Rocha farms cauliflower, broccoli and lettuce near Delmas in Mpumalanga. The operation's focus on cultivar selection for better production efficiency has had a significant impact on the business’s...

Organic farming: a commercial farmer converts

Peter Nicholson of Roselands farm near Richmond in KwaZulu-Natal believes organic farming can be used to sustainably feed the world. He shares his vision with Lloyd Phillips.


Land: access vs ownership

Land: access vs ownership

The one crucial point that should not be forgotten by all the organisations and political parties representing, or claiming to represent, the interests of various civil society groupings is the...

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