Mike Cordes - Market Floor

Reasons to be proud of our farmers

So today I’m offering a general optimistic comment on South Africa’s farmers that I hope will resonate with you.

How to calibrate a spray rig

All too often, I come across farmers who are not accurate enough with their sprayer calibration.
Mike Cordes - Market Floor

Is the Hamilton Option still relevant today?

When Charles Hamilton left his post as CEO of Cape Town Market in the early part of the new millennium, he opened his own market using an entirely new business...

Using a knapsack sprayer on a big farm

Many farmers think that using a knapsack sprayer is taking a step backwards as large spray rigs are fast and effective. However, knapsack sprayers still have their uses on big...
Mike Cordes - Market Floor

Adapting to change within the markets

Had I written this 15 or more years ago, I would have bemoaned the attitude of market agents and said that the sooner they adapted to transformation, the better, otherwise...

How to ensure effective crop spraying

Non-systemic products have to be sprayed thoroughly to be effective. This applies particularly to fungicides.
Mike Cordes - Market Floor

High prices at the market: is it acceptable?

Walking through the Joburg Market vegetable hall recently, I came upon a senior salesman selling red peppers at R300 for a 4,5kg-carton – and he was having no problem moving...

Can marigolds control eelworm?

When I first began planting tomatoes in soil in tunnels, the soil was infested with eelworm, which killed susceptible varieties before they could even start producing.
Mike Cordes - Market Floor

How technology can help the fresh produce sector

Markets and market agents throughout South Africa use Freshmark Systems (FS) software to manage their sales and administration.

Better crop spraying techniques– Part 1

Even with the correct crop chemical, efficacy will be reduced if the spraying technique is not up to scratch.
Mike Cordes - Market Floor

Don’t dump fresh produce!

A small-scale farmer recently told me that he supplied spinach to a client on contract, and sent his surplus spinach to the market.
Mike Cordes - Market Floor

Adding value to your fresh produce

If only some farmers realised that it takes remarkably little effort to improve product presentation – and get a higher price as a result.


Damara sheep

Damara sheep: No environment too tough

Since importing his first Damaras from Namibia in the late 1980s, stud breeder Frank Blumenthal has firmly believed in the integrity of the breed. The Free State farmer says that...

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