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Communication is key between farmer and market agent

The early part of the year is probably a good time to remind farmers about their responsibilities when dealing with a market agent.
The whitish ‘dusting’ on this bean leaf is a layer of minerals deposited by borehole water in dry, windy weather. It can reduce chemical efficacy.

Spraying tips: Don’t mix chemicals

When spraying different pests at the same time, many farmers try to kill two birds with one stone by making elaborate mixtures.
Mike Cordes - Market Floor

Don’t forget to pay Freshmark Systems

Almost every fresh produce market in South Africa has a licensing agreement with Freshmark Systems, the providers of the industry’s dedicated IT-based sales processing system.
Getting nozzle size and pressure right

Getting nozzle size and pressure right

As pointed out previously, the key to successful pest and disease control is optimal penetration of the spray mixture.
Mike Cordes - Market Floor

Safety at markets

Occupational health and safety (OHS) play a crucial role in the workplace. So much so, that the Occupational Health and Safety Act lays down a host of precise legal requirements...

Making an effective spray mixture

There is more to a spray mixture than chemical product and water. You also need an adjuvant – a substance added to the water to enable the sprayed product to...
Mike Cordes - Market Floor

Reasons to be proud of our farmers

So today I’m offering a general optimistic comment on South Africa’s farmers that I hope will resonate with you.

How to calibrate a spray rig

All too often, I come across farmers who are not accurate enough with their sprayer calibration.
Mike Cordes - Market Floor

Is the Hamilton Option still relevant today?

When Charles Hamilton left his post as CEO of Cape Town Market in the early part of the new millennium, he opened his own market using an entirely new business...

Using a knapsack sprayer on a big farm

Many farmers think that using a knapsack sprayer is taking a step backwards as large spray rigs are fast and effective. However, knapsack sprayers still have their uses on big...
Mike Cordes - Market Floor

Adapting to change within the markets

Had I written this 15 or more years ago, I would have bemoaned the attitude of market agents and said that the sooner they adapted to transformation, the better, otherwise...

How to ensure effective crop spraying

Non-systemic products have to be sprayed thoroughly to be effective. This applies particularly to fungicides.



The care unit that treats neglected horses and donkeys

The Highveld Horse Care Unit cares for neglected equines. Farryn Day of the unit says that a lack of education is the main reason for the mistreatment of these animals.

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