The Coleman kerosene lantern

Reliability, performance and tradition in one unique lamp.

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The legendary Coleman kerosene pressure lantern has been around for nearly a century. Many variations on the original operating principle, including lanterns fuelled by other liquid fuels as well as LP gas, underscore its time-proven value and functionality.

Fill the tank with 1l of illuminating paraffin and it will burn nearly all night on the highest light setting. Turn it down to a lower light intensity and it will last twice as long. The secret of its superior performance lies in its fuel vaporisation system, which atomises the paraffin under pressure. A pre-installed incandescent fabric mantle emits a brilliant white light – to 784 Lumen on high.

The writer’s Coleman pressure lantern, a timeless classic, is as good now as it was nearly half a century ago.

The lamp is supplied with a plastic bottle with a long spout to fill the pre-heater pan with methylated spirit. The mantle will last almost indefinitely if protected from mechanical damage.The Coleman lantern can be used in any weather, as the porcelain ventilator prevents rust and corrosion. The heat-shield system protecting the control valve ensures that it works under the most extreme conditions.

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A clear, high-temperature-resistant glass cover held in place by built-in spring clips provides maximum light transmission.
Because lighting this lantern requires the correct technique, the Coleman kerosene lantern is not for everybody.

Its practical benefits include performance, economy in terms of light produced per unit fuel used, and reliability when used and maintained properly. It is virtually indestructible.

The Coleman kerosene lantern is priced at around R1 150 including VAT at better camping equipment and outdoor outfitters countrywide.