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Ten ways to cut food waste – report

In a recent study, published by the World Resources Institute, researchers explored 10 scaling interventions that could help reduce food loss and waste across supply chains and geographies. According to...

Identifying and controlling sweet potato viruses

Sweet potatoes are an important commercial crop and contribute significantly to food security in many poorer South African households. Dr Julia Mulabisana and Dr Sunette Laurie of the Agricultural Research...

Assessing grazing capacity

The number of grazing camps on a farm should be weighed against the escalating cost of fencing material, writes Roelof Bezuidenhout.

World’s fastest tractor at LAMMA 2020

The 38th LAMMA show, one of the UK’s top agricultural machinery, equipment and technology expos, took place near Birmingham from 7 to 8 January. It featured a special display of...

The intricacies of crop rotation

The purpose of crop rotation is to prevent the build-up of a pest or disease to which a crop is susceptible. But there is more to rotation than merely switching.

Basic chicken care: how to breed and feed

This article examines how to breed and feed chickens properly, as well as how to maintain good hygiene in order to keep the birds healthy and productive.

Using treats to train horses

There are various methods used to train horses, but the use of treats remains controversial, says Dr Mac.

Preparing a good seedbed for tomatoes

Tomato seedlings grow best in a well-drained seedbed under full sun and protected from strong wind. Irrigation should be frequent but light.

John Deere is keeping it SMART

The John Deere SMART campaign is using the brand’s renowned machines, hands-on training and its huge dealer network to help new era farmers profit from mechanisation.

Fake food threat to the livestock sector

The unscientific idea that processed, plant-based, ‘imitation’ foods are healthier for humans and better for the environment needs to be debunked.

Investing in financial markets

In general, South African investors have seen meagre returns on their savings and retirement portfolios over the past few years. Indeed, some wonder whether it would not be better to...

How to improve the oil yield of a sunflower crop

Dr Safiah Ma’Ali, a senior researcher at the Agricultural Research Council’s Grain Crops Institute, outlines a recent South Africa study demonstrating that farmers can significantly improve sunflower oil content and...


No response from agri department on Mlengana’s resignation

None of the government departments with an interest in the recent resignation of the former director general (DG) of the Department of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development (agriculture department),...
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