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Care and caution keep poultry disease-free

As every chicken producer can attest, keeping the birds in optimal health is a finicky task, and failure can lead to serious losses. This means that a meticulous biosecurity plan is a top priority. Lindi Botha spoke to broiler producer Ben-Chris Bronkhorst about putting the right systems in place and ensuring that they run efficiently.

A stronger knot for better bales

New Holland’s latest baler innovation features a new system that not only delivers denser, more secure bales, but also eliminates twine off-cut waste.

Understanding fuel hedging contracts

In this article, Daniella Keet, head of commercial structured finance solutions advisory at FNB, explains the basics of hedging, and more specifically, how this financial instrument can be used to safeguard a farming business against large, unexpected increases in the fuel price.

Breeding for efficiency adds value for this cattle farmer

Anneri Otto, who farms near Coligny in North West, never planned on becoming a farmer. However, when unfortunate circumstances forced her to take charge of her husband’s operation, she rose to the challenge, and now produces Hereford and Angus cattle, as well as pecan nuts.

How SA farmers can benefit from Israeli tech

Israeli technology in agricultural production can be hugely useful to South African farmers. These technologies range from decreasing water usage to improving propagation.

The evolution of power in SA’s agri machinery market

The Internet of Things, where machinery and devices (often fitted with sensors) share data online, has enabled tractors and other agricultural machinery to become far more efficient and easier to operate. This, combined with mechanical innovations, is helping farmers produce more with less.

Biosecurity on a budget for small-scale pig producers

In this article Dr Peter Evans, veterinary liaison officer of the South African Pork Producers’ Organisation, shares affordable and practical tips that small-scale pig farmers can implement to improve biosecurity on their farms and protect their livelihoods.

Why an integrated approach is best

Farmers are finding more and more natural enemies to keep tomato leaf miners in check instead of resorting solely to chemicals, says Bill Kerr.

How to make a success of bananas

The humble banana is usually taken for granted by consumers, but growing this popular fruit can be tricky, expensive and involve considerable risk. Having top-performing banana plantations starts with the proper establishment of the crop. Brothers Riaan and WJ Heystek shared their experiences of setting up their banana enterprise with Lloyd Phillips.

Painted Persian sheep demand a handsome profit

The demand for multicoloured Persian sheep in the Middle East has helped Northern Cape breeder Koenie Kotzé endure the drought. Annelie Coleman reports on how he discovered this market.

Provide feedback to your employees

All employees, managers included, need feedback on how they are doing in their jobs. Yet so often this feedback is either not provided or is ad hoc and incomplete. The only sensible solution is to set up a formal evaluation system, says Peter Hughes.

Breeding bobaas boerboels

Beverli Katz, one of South Africa’s top Boerboel breeders, claimed the prestigious national award of SA Stud Book Stud Herd of the Year for other species in 2020. In addition, her stud has bred the two highest-appraised male Boerboels in the world. Jeandré van der Walt visited her at Klein Sandfontein Boerboels and Boarding Kennels on the outskirts of Caledon to learn about her breeding techniques.

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