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Birdwatching: a novel income opportunity for farms

Avitourism, or birdwatching, has the potential to provide farmers with an additional source of revenue, write Dr Adam Viljoen and Christelle van Zyl, researchers at North-West University’s Tourism Research in Economic Environs and Society.

Know your armyworm species

Effective control of armyworm begins with being able to differentiate between the various species. South African crop farmers need to learn and apply this skill, Dr Annemie Erasmus of the Agricultural Research Council’s Grain Crops Institute told Annelie Coleman.

South Africa is getting more violent

Over the past 10 years, more than 6,1 million serious crimes were committed against South Africans. At least 165 837 people were murdered, rape was committed 437 417 times, and over 200 000 violent home robberies occurred.

Rebuilding a livestock enterprise after a drought

In this article, Dr Louis du Pisani, national manager for production advice and development at the National Wool Growers’ Association, explains how to carry out post-drought recovery and reconstruction of a livestock enterprise to achieve optimal, lasting results.

Diversification: an essential approach in a tough economy

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket; if you fall, you run the risk of not having breakfast. Farmers should spread their risk by adding a second component to an existing farming operation, or even by investing in industries unrelated to agriculture, says Dawie Maree, head of information and marketing at FNB Agriculture.

Want to work in the agri sector? Take note of these in-demand skills

A lack of experience prevents many qualified young people from finding their first jobs in agriculture. Recruitment specialist Marianne van der Laarse explained the situation to Glenneis Kriel and called for internships and more practical exposure for students.

Empowering smallholders to access the supply chain

Black smallholder farmers are often excluded from the supply chain due to high barriers of entry. A fund established by Tiger Brands is now trying to address this problem. Mary-Jane Morifi, chief corporate affairs and sustainability officer at Tiger Brands, spoke to Jeandré van der Walt about the company’s plans to empower these farmers, as well as black suppliers and distributors.

Signs your mare is going to foal

While mares generally gestate for 11 months, this may vary. With this in mind, you should be on the lookout for signs that your mare is close to foaling, says Dr Mac.

Africa is falling further behind

Something needs to change, otherwise Africa and the people who live on this continent will experience another decade of poverty, hunger and hardship.

Succession planning: delay it at your peril

It’s tempting to put off the difficult job of succession planning. But if you wait too long, you could end up destroying a profitable business and harming family relationships.

Don’t allow change to catch you napping

At times, new developments might seem to come like a bolt out of the blue. But if you keep up with trends, you’ll be forewarned of change and have time to adapt, writes Roelof Bezuidenhout.

Meet one of SA’s top Merino wool producers

Kleiheuwel Trust, based in Bredasdorp, recently achieved one of the top 10 best prices in the history of South African wool sales, and the highest price during the previous season’s BKB wool auctions. Pam and André Christie-Smith spoke to Glenneis Kriel about their production approach.


Retailers must explain high margins on fresh produce

The higher margins made by retailers on fresh produce during the COVID-19 pandemic require an explanation, according to the ‘Essential Food Price Monitoring’ report by South Africa’s Competition Commission (CompCom).

Parasitoids vs chemicals

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