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Zambia: independent maize miller a lifeline for smallholders

Zambia: independent maize miller a lifeline for smallholders

Zambia’s rural economy is dependent on thousands of resource-poor smallholder farmers. Mukumbuta Mukumbuta, a local entrepreneur, spoke to Lloyd Phillips about how his maize milling venture provides a market for...
Managing for profit by Peter Hughes

Encouraging creativity in your business!

Energetic creativity is the difference between mediocre and great managers. But you have to work at it.
Limousin stud Devlan

Top Limousin stud’s ‘simple strategy’ for success

Multi-award-winning Limousin stud breeder John Devonport says that a simple and practical approach makes business sense when breeding top cattle.
Peter o’Halloran - Tax advice

What exactly is a carbon tax?

Two aspects of the Carbon Tax Bill to be implemented in South Africa in 2019 should be of interest to farmers.
baby carrots

A guide to growing baby carrots

There’s always a market for baby vegetables, and carrots are no exception. In the past, top-shaped baby carrots were the most popular in the frozen range.
No room for favourites - choose cattle breeds carefully

No room for favourites – choose cattle breeds carefully

Gugulethu Zondi, the Agricultural Research Council’s 2016 National Emerging Beef Farmer of the Year, says that farming should be treated like any other business, and that beef farmers should choose...
How do we attract women to agriculture?

How do we attract women to agriculture?

This week we celebrate National Women’s Day in South Africa, and I have spent a lot of time thinking about what I want to say to, and about women in...
Tebogo Mogashoa

Wildlife Ranching SA’s transformation plans

Newly-elected president of Wildlife Ranching SA, Tebogo Mogashoa, says transformation of the game industry and advocating for the legal trade in rhino horn will be among the top focal points...
Game lodge

How to profit from a small hunting operation

Johann Erwee of Kuduwane Game Lodge provided Gerhard Uys with insights into what it takes to keep a small hunting operation economically sustainable, and its environment ecologically sound.
Valtra S4

Meet the new Valtra S374

The powerful, versatile and fuel-efficient S374 tractor was the centre of attention at Valtrac’s Nampo stand.
Soft-Ride boots

Cushioned overshoes for horses

In the US, Soft-Ride boots are often used to make a horse more comfortable on a hard floor, such as in a stable or a horsebox. South African owners should...

Getting comfortable with ambiguity

I am still busy processing the vast amount of ideas and information that were shared by the speakers and other participants at the 12th Agribusiness Africa Conference, hosted by Farmer’s...


Firestone Farm Hard

Farm hard with Firestone

Farming isn’t just about beautiful mealie fields and incredible sunsets over your herd. It’s about long days, sweat on foreheads and many dusty kilometres before the day is done.

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