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Fake meat: coming to a supermarket near you

Driven by shrinking arable land, a shift to the consumption of non-meat proteins, and several other factors, ersatz meat products are set to disrupt the lucrative global meat industry. According...
raw water stored in dams

Tips for top-quality irrigation water for intensive cropping

Growers of irrigated crops need to have access to properly treated irrigation water. Mike Kruger, owner of Top Crop Nursery, explains how he uses flocculation and chlorination to maximise the...

Integrity: your most precious possession

Integrity seems to mean different things to different people. But one cannot afford to compromise on it; if people are not held to account for wrongdoing, society and business can...
regenerative agriculture tractor ploughing

Learning about regenerative agriculture

The implementation of regenerative agriculture principles is allowing a growing number of farmers to reduce their inputs while producing similar or even better yields than they would have produced if...
sever swelling on horse's knee

Don’t take chances: call your vet!

If your horse has any physical injury, get your veterinarian to come out and examine it. Diagnosing an injury is not always as straightforward as it may seem, cautions Dr...

Blame ANC for big farmers’ success

There were two highlights at the Transvaal Agricultural Union of South Africa’s (TAU SA) recent annual congress in Pretoria.

Soil erosion: a big problem with few solutions

Long-term food security is set to suffer if the scourge of soil erosion is not brought under control. Dan Pennock, a professor in soil science at the University of Saskatchewan...
wind farm

Wind farms: a massive opportunity for SA’s farmers

Fickle power supply and ever-increasing tariffs are spurring South Africa’s agriculture sector to look at alternative sources of electricity. Jacobus Treurnich, the land rights manager of G7 Renewable Energies, spoke...

SA’s biggest land reform mistake

Perhaps the single biggest mistake South Africa has made with land reform since 1994 has been to entrust a government department with not only the transfer of land, but also...
virus infected weeds and healthy weeds

How to reduce the risk of viruses in capsicums

Seed is a potential source of viruses in capsicums. However, it is a rare occurrence these days, as seed producers are keen to protect their reputations and take stringent precautions...

How to say goodbye to your employees

Your send-off of departing staff conveys a clear and lasting message about the company to those who remain, and ripples well beyond the boundaries of the organisation.
pigs eating

Reduce antibiotic usage with these management tips

Rising concern over antibiotic resistance is forcing livestock producers across the world to change their production management practices. Dr John Patience explains to Glenneis Kriel how pig producers can benefit...


Stray cattle create havoc in the Free State

Stray cattle create havoc in the Free State

The problem of stray animals, mainly cattle, was escalating dangerously and needed to be addressed by the relevant authorities as a matter of urgency.
red peppers

Pest management in peppers

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