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Pest control: using both old and new methods

Magda du Toit looks at the interconnectedness of more traditional pest control and the newer integrated pest management. Some experts also give advice on how to keep pests and diseases down to acceptable levels.

Dealing with seed problems in Angoras

There is no quick or cheap way to remove seed from mohair, but good management helps, according to Pierre van der Vyver, general manager of The House of Fibre. He outlined his tips to Roelof Bezuidenhout.

Hugenoot: SA’s beef cattle genetic treasure

The award-winning Koperkop Hugenoot stud has proved the breed’s economic value in the exacting farming conditions south of the Soutpansberg. Owners Henk and Gerda van Rensburg told Annelie Coleman how the breed fares in an area where animal diseases such as redwater, heartwater and anaplasmosis are rampant.

Cheaper, crowdfunded solar energy for farmers

Sun Exchange uses crowdfunding to help schools, farms and other organisations switch to solar power. Abe Cambridge, the founder of Sun Exchange, spoke to Glenneis Kriel about this solution.
Cabbage farmer Koketso Baloyi Mofokeng

Born to farm: A vegetable farmer’s tale of perseverance

Koketso Baloyi Mofokeng started full-time farming in 2018 after encouragement from her husband, Katiso. Despite facing many challenges, the young photographer-turned-farmer remains passionate about the cabbage, green beans, peppers and spinach she produces.

Sheep production: Why healthy teeth mean healthy profits

In this third article on the mitigation of risk in the farming of sheep, PJ Mommsen, a freelance risk mitigation strategist, illustrates how the inclusion of risk mitigation strategies and innovative solutions, in combination with the traditional value analysis of a defined element of production, can work to add new perspectives to a farming operation.

John Deere offers more value with new 540M front loader

John Deere is pleased to announce the arrival of its new 540M front loader, compatible with the John Deere 6B Series four-cylinder tractors.

The long and the short of tail docking

There is good evidence that a tail docked at the third or fourth joint is better than a very short tail. Roelof Bezuidenhout reports.

ChatGPT: hero or villain of the 4th Industrial Revolution?

If you haven’t been following the drama accompanying the release of ChatGPT, you’re not paying enough attention to the current surge of technology. Tune in or you’ll soon become obsolete, says Peter Hughes.

SAPA addresses Bird Flu outbreaks, eggs & chicken meat shortages

Izaak Breitenbach, general manager of the South African Poultry Association (SAPA), provides insights into the current Avian Influenza crisis impacting the poultry industry. He also addresses concerns related to egg shortages and the potential shortages of chicken meat.

How to get a good start when planting vines

Vine improvement company Vititec’s client liaison manager, Reinier Louw, presented the dos and don’ts when establishing new vineyards at the Vine Workers’ Development Course.

A thriving empowerment agri project on the KZN South Coast

Started in 2008 to help ensure food security for a charity, the Siyavuna programme has expanded to focus on farming, training and growing its value chains.