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broiler production

Advice on how to start a broiler business

Chicken farming is the only type of animal production that can provide an income in the short as well as the long term.
butternut crop

Butternuts: know your market and maintain quality

Butternuts are a reasonably easy crop to grow, with few in soluble problems. The real challenge is to match the cultivar with the market. Mpumalanga-based producer Francois Steyn spoke to...

Autonomous tractor market on the move

The growing scarcity of farm labour due to factors such as urbanisation will see an increase in the demand for self-driving farm equipment. In response to this, John Deere recently...

Challenges to feeding a growing population

Global agriculture has to increase its output dramatically to meet the needs of a rapidly growing human population. John Hassell, Koch Agronomic Services’ customer support manager for Europe, the Middle...

How much will you give to save SA?

For the last year or so, I have often thought about what occurred in South Korea in 1997 and 1998 when the country faced economic ruin due to the impact...
Dryland maize

Farmer programme results in higher yields and better lives

Increasing yields tenfold is a feat that every farmer dreams of, but few realise. Yet, for the past 20 years, Grain SA, through its Farmer Development Programme, has quietly assisted...

Livestock can lower GHG emissions – report

Media reports have created the impression that the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change recommends a reduction in meat and dairy consumption to mitigate climate change. This is simply not true.
Biodiversity strips

Biodiversity: a valuable ally for the farmer

Caring for the indigenous vegetation on a farm not only helps protect plant species from extinction, but benefits the production of crops in several crucial ways. Glenneis Kriel spoke to...

Strict selection criteria are vital to Boerperd breeding

This popular indigenous breed is a hardy and muscular all-rounder that excels in many equestrian sports, says Dr Mac.
barley crop

Empowerment trust banks on barley

Since its inception, the Overberg Boerdery Trust has not only increased its output of barley, but raised dividend payments to its farmworkers.

Viticulture equipment from Italy

A farmers’ day in Paarl afforded wine farmers the chance to look at some of the best viticulture equipment from Italy.

Go low-tech: get an evaporation pan!

Irrigation water in South Africa is at a premium. Instead of investing in hugely expensive digital technology or relying on inaccurate intuition, use this old-fashioned, yet accurate, method to schedule...


Managing wireworm

A vaccine against wireworm has become a vital tool in helping to control the disease and thereby reduce contamination of pasture by the eggs of the parasite.

A world without farmers

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