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Free State farmer shares lessons on ultra-high-density grazing

There are a number of tools that can contribute to successful sustainable agriculture, provided farmers use them strategically. Danie Slabbert, one such South African farmer, explains how he is using...

COVID-19 lessons for agriculture

As the South African economy limps its way through the various lockdown levels, all of which are aimed at slowing the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) infection rate, we’re getting to learn...

How to make the most of your family business

Your children’s energy and fresh ideas may be exactly what your family business needs. Harness this enthusiasm, or you may lose it and cause resentment in the process.

Reduce heat stress in poultry with vitamin C supplementation

High environmental temperature is the most common stressor of chickens in South Africa.

Feeding your sheep sorghum

Sorghum makes excellent fodder for livestock and can cope with dry conditions better than most other grain crops.

Cashing in on the expanding plant extracts market

Planting alternative crops for the extracts or essential oil market can be profitable, but it’s no easy road to riches. Pietersarel de Bruyn of Herbs Aplenty spoke to Glenneis Kriel...

Beefmaster breeder’s quest for optimal returns on investment

The success of a livestock breeding concern depends on choosing a breed that makes economic sense and optimises return on investment. For a part-time farmer, an additional requirement is that...

Ford Raptor: tough as nails, smooth as silk

Ford expects its Ranger Raptor to set the benchmark in the 4x4 pickup sector. Sabrina Dean travelled to Goerapan, Northern Cape, for the vehicle’s launch in South Africa.

The basics of the Persian breed

This indigenous fat-rumped meat breed does well in arid semi-desert, savanna bushveld and coastal spekboom veld. The lambs mature early.

Getting down to business with geese farming

Anton and Sharon Kock’s Ember Down goose down and feather business has been built on ethical farming practices, attention to detail and meticulous management.

Controlling fleabane in wheat and maize

This winter weed is widespread throughout Southern Africa. It has small seeds and is a shallow germinator.

Two young cattle farmers bring auctions to communal areas

Agriculture offers many opportunities for wealth creation, and young South Africans who are passionate about the sector should use their skills to establish new businesses, say Soyama Mthongana and Athenkosi...


China imports soya bean from Brazil as tensions rise with US

China imports soya bean from Brazil as tensions rise with US

The world’s top soya bean importer, China, imported just over 5,93 million tons of the commodity from Brazil in April, compared with 5,79 million tons last year, according to data...
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