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Building a mega business through egg production

Toyota South Africa/Agri SA’s Young Farmer of the Year for 2019, Johan van der Schyff, whose agricultural concern has operations across the Southern and Eastern Cape, has utilised the advantages...

Preventing hybridisation to protect natural resources

Some farming enterprises, such as wild harvesting, require particular care to ensure long-term sustainability and protect the environment.

The farmer’s role in the quest for sustainability

The concept of sustainable development is straightforward: the future should be a better, healthier place than the present. Farmers have a major part to play in forging this future.

Bean pests & soil diseases

One pest that every bean farmer knows is the African bollworm. This tends to appear sporadically, rather than building up its population gradually.

The importance of timing to strawberry production

Professional Horticultural Consulting, a nursery-turned-strawberry producer, has become one of South Africa’s leading strawberry exporters, thanks in part to its expertise at analysing plant and soil nutritional requirements. Dr Gavin...

Why the world’s drylands need urgent protection

Drylands are home to two billion people, many of whom are poor and depend directly on the land’s resources for food and energy. Drylands also generate crucial environmental services and...

High-capacity balers from Norway

Orkel Dens-X Compactor stationary bale makers were launched in South Africa in January. The event took place at meat value chain company Kameeldrift Voere, based in Cullinan, Gauteng.

Fresh produce theft: farmers lose billions every year

The theft of agricultural produce costs South African farmers billions of rand a year, not only through the loss of produce, but in additional expenses, such as fencing, to improve...

Uncompromising standards pay off for Bonsmara farmer

Award-winning cattle farmer Tian Kruger does not believe in shortcuts or compromising on the principles that brought him success. This has earned him a solid reputation for his commercial Bonsmara...

The basics of foot-and-mouth disease

Foot-and-mouth disease has drastically reduced South Africa beef exports, as importing countries buy animals and animal by-products only from FMD-free countries.

Take care when mixing family and business

The values driving success in families and those in business are diametrically opposed. Keeping them in harmony is the great challenge of the family business.

Growing a pecan tree in your garden

Pecans are not only delicious; they are amongst the healthiest nuts available, says vegetable specialist Bill Kerr.


Watch out for rabies!

This deadly zoonosisis a real threat to all warm-blooded animals.
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