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Free-range chicken

Free-range chickens: Part-time farmer’s success on rented land

Robert Patson of Happy Land Farm in Kyalami believes free-range chickens not only hold the answer to healthy food, but that his model of farming could help alleviate poverty for...
Ending non-tariff barriers could unlock Africa’s riches

Ending non-tariff barriers could unlock Africa’s riches

The Continental Free Trade Agreement, which South Africa has signed, is key to increasing trade revenues, job creation and economic integration on the continent, writes Sifiso Ntombela, head of trade...
Sappi goes green with bio-based products

Sappi goes green with bio-based products

According to Sappi CEO Steve Binnie, the group’s latest financial results show that it is ready to capitalise on market moves away from plastic to natural fibre and paper-based packaging....
Hoedspruit Hub

Customised training for commercial and small-scale interests

South Africa has an urgent need for agricultural training at all levels. The Hoedspruit Hub Agricultural Training Centre provides commercial skills training programmes, practical courses to assist small-scale farmers, and...
Kuhn Assembly

A visit to Kuhn’s vast implement factory in France

Rovic Leers dealers and farmer customers were recently taken on a tour of Kuhn’s impressive factory in Severn, France.
Platter of roast vegetables

Platter of roast vegetables

Vegetables are a healthy addition to a braai or any other meat-based meal. However, the way you cook your veggies can make the difference between a great dish and a...
The factory’s power supply is set up to allow for further expansion.

Small stone mill adds value to Western Cape wheat

Gideon Milling, a stone ground milling company in the Western Cape, was launched in 2013 by a group of entrepreneurs to improve farmers’ profitability and food security. Aubrey Terblanche and...
Sustainable use of wildlife: a poorly understood concept

Use them or lose them: Why hunting is key to conservation

South Africa is world-renowned for its biodiversity conservation and resultant variety of wildlife. However, public opinion is often divided on the subject of wildlife utilisation. Dr George Hughes, former chief...
Better cow management

What you need to know about better cow management

Rest and nutrition are both key to ensuring conception, good health and maximum profit.
Global farming - Dr Koos Coetzee

To be sustainable, innovate. But not too soon!

The correct use of new technology can help a farmer become more profitable. However, being an early adopter of new technology holds risks that must be managed.
Herenboeren farmers

Hire a farmer to grow your food

Herenboeren is taking the Netherlands by storm, with city dwellers and urbanites paying farmers to produce food according to their exact specifications. Gerhard Uys spoke to Boudewijn Tooren, a board...
Counterfeit automotive parts

Counterfeit automotive parts

The motoring industry is awash with dodgy spare parts. Don’t become a victim, says Jake Venter.


Degrees: a poor indicator of ability

Degrees: a poor indicator of ability

At the end of November, the Twitter feed of South Africans interested in local politics was briefly overrun by the fracas between EFF and DA members of Parliament over DA...

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