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Tips to take care of your farm dog

Arslan Hassan looks at how farmers can provide their farm dogs with the basic necessities, as well as some added extras that will help you raise and keep a happy and healthy canine.

Coffee and macadamias prove to be a great match in the same orchard

Lowveld farmers have limited options to get around the cost-price squeeze in order to remain profitable amid rising input costs and decreasing crop prices. Father-and-son team Charles and Carel Burger have an innovative approach: they are intercropping coffee and macadamias to maximise returns. Lindi Botha reports.

Insights and bidding tips from top auctioneers

In this article, we speak to auctioneers about the importance of auctions for the livestock and property markets. The experts also provide some bidding tips for those who are new to the game.

Ireland’s dairy farmers wrestle with harsh environmental policies

A peek over the farm gate into an Irish dairy farm reveals that although the grass is certainly greener, farmers are facing unprecedented challenges that are placing their survival at risk. The O’Connor family spoke to Lindi Botha about countering the headwinds and sustaining production.

The psychology of sales

At the recent Wagyu SA Conference 2023, held at Allee Bleue Wine Estate near Franschhoek in the Western Cape, Johan Strydom, the founder of Prime Wagyu, spoke about the way in which the psyche of different types of consumers affects their purchasing behaviour.

Ignore at your peril: when economic laws kick in

The monthly decrease in milk production experienced since mid 2022 shows that several milk producers have reached the tipping point and may eventually cease dairy operations, says Dr Koos Coetzee.

Auction catalogue as a guideline for selection

Frans Jordaan, Prof Michiel Scholtz and Dr Ben Greyling from Agricultural Research Council-Animal Production and Martin Ras from the Afric Afrikaners Stud compiled these useful recommendations to assist cattle breeders in making the most of the information contained in the catalogue when they attend auctions.

Walnuts: a rising star in SA’s nut basket

Walnuts make up the smallest portion of South Africa’s nut cultivation, yet show much promise as a profitable crop that can be grown across a host of areas in the country. One of the first to take the leap, Rotondo Walnuts is paving the way for a robust future industry.

Guideline to the most popular cannabis extraction methods

The effective extraction of cannabinoids, terpenes and other components is crucial in the production of cannabis products. Thomas Walker discusses various extraction techniques, and how they affect the end product.

The quest for healthy food

The global food system is not broken but its resilience is threatened, according to researchers looking for answers to the problems around nutritional quality and inequalities in the food chains.

The uphill battle of a communal sheep farmer

Zolani Tsheko, the second vice-chairperson of the National Wool Growers’ Association, is a wool producer in the communal area of Thornhill near Queenstown in the Eastern Cape. Mike Burgess recently visited him to gain a better understanding of the production challenges faced by communal farmers, who Tsheko is obligated to lead in terms of his mandate.

Leafroll virus: a vast problem in SA’s vineyards

Leafroll virus is a destructive disease that shortens the lifespan of vineyards and lowers wine quality. Glenneis Kriel reports on ways to identify and prevent this disease.