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Hail to SA’s farmers, but what now?

Our farmers have played a major part in carrying us though two pandemic-ravaged years, and they deserve praise. But there’s no room for complacency; now’s the time to brush up on the business.

New feed waste solution for dairy farmers

The UK-based agriculture solutions company, JF Hudson, has designed a first for the dairy industry: an attachment that can help to greatly reduce feed wastage in dairy sheds and save farmers money.

A rooftop hops farm in the city

Hops are traditionally grown in the Western Cape, but on a rooftop in Johannesburg, Khaya Maloney has shown it is possible to grow hops in the city using a hydroponic system.

Santa Gertrudis bulls show their value in extended veld tests

Extensive veld tests by the Bosveld Santa Gertrudis Study Group have made a valuable contribution to establishing the breed’s reputation amongst other beef cattle in South Africa.

Managing mastitis in dairy cows

Mastitis can cause devastating economic losses for a dairy farmer. Yet a long-term vaccination programme can be an effective weapon in the fight to control it, writes Robyn Joubert. She spoke to Prof Inge-Marié Petzer, an udder health specialist at Onderstepoort.

Regenerative agriculture: “We learn from pioneers and our own mistakes”

Gert Janse van Rensburg produces vegetable crops on the family-owned farm, Langplaas, in North West. He spoke to Pieter Dempsey about the regenerative farming techniques he employs.

The top reasons for tractor breakdowns

A new report has identified the five most likely reasons for tractor breakdowns, and also suggests ways to keep farming machinery in prime condition.

A six-step method for maximising soya bean yield

Plant health is one of the key contributors to high yields and good profits, and soya bean is no exception. Magda du Toit spoke to a number of experts about how to achieve these goals through sound management.

Tips for dipping sheep

Sheep need to be dipped to prevent the spread of lice, scab and other economically important ectoparasites.

Robot boosts blueberry picking efficiencies

Agritech company ARCi Technologies is in the process of developing South Africa’s first semi-autonomous agricultural robot. Three of the company’s founders spoke to Glenneis Kriel about their machine.

Profiting from apples: why quality trumps yield

The Zulch family of Wakkerstroom farm won the prize for the highest average income per hectare of apples in the 2020 Ceres Fruit Grower Awards. Fourie Zulch spoke to Glenneis Kriel about this accomplishment.

Southern Africa’s hunger hotspots

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations and the World Food Programme’s Hunger Hotspots report highlights the countries most at risk of increased food insecurity from August to November 2021. In Southern African, these include Mozambique, Madagascar, Angola and the DRC.

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