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Free access to SIZA’s digital recordkeeping programme

Stay ahead in South Africa's competitive agriculture sector with SIZA's Digital Recordkeeping Programme, ensuring compliance, transparency, and efficiency. Register now for free access!

Choosing the right filtration method for your irrigation system

When it comes to protecting your irrigation system, few things are more important than effective filtration. The correct choice of filtration method to protect your system against blockages is not a mere financial decision, numerous other factors must be kept in mind.

Community involvement in conservation and tourism

Local communities should be treated as valued stakeholders and sustainability partners in conservation and tourism, say Ian Gordon-Cumming and Prof Kevin Mearns of Unisa’s Department of Environmental Sciences.

The oldest SA Beef Shorthorn herd excels in the coldest place

The Beef Shorthorn is probably as close to a perfect beef cattle breed as you can get, Barry Stretton, owner of the Brotherlea stud in Molteno, told Annelie Coleman.

Basic vaccination and health protocols for pigs

Unlike farming or production programs where livestock species such as sheep, cattle, and goats are farmed extensively on wide-open spaces comprised of pastures or grazing rangelands, pigs are usually produced in intensive environments such as purpose-built piggeries, sties, or even enclosed sheds.

Death is unpredictable, so we need to prepare our successors

We don’t like thinking or even talking about death, but it’s essential that we prepare our family and business successors for the event. Have you done so?

Good advice and hard work tripled this farmer’s potato crop

Potatoes are a notoriously tricky crop to produce, making transformation in the sector extra-challenging. However, through collaboration with Potatoes SA and mentorship, Limpopo farmer Walter Mathidi has boosted production. Lindi Botha reports.

Don’t horse about when it comes to being COVID-positive

This remains a notifiable disease but the lockdown no longer exists. Although it is not much more severe then a common cold, make sure you have contingency plans in place should you need someone else to take care of your horses, says Dr Mac.

Some physiological disorders of cabbages

Oedema, bursting cabbages, tip burn and cold damage may cause concern but they can be prevented and managed, writes Bill Kerr.

Mitsubishi’s limited edition double cab

The Mitsubishi Triton GLX offers everything bakkie owners will ever need from a work or leisure vehicle, says the manufacturer.

Changeable decade ahead for agriculture

Agriculture is South Africa has faced unprecedented challenges over the past few years, yet, for the most part, has survived the storms. In the 2023 Baseline Outlook for the agriculture sector, compiled by the Bureau for Food and Agricultural Policy, the next decade is purported to hold the key to future success.

Safeguarding livestock from a potentially toxic plant

Dr Asive Luningo from the Department of Paraclinical Science at the University of Pretoria discusses the wild sunflower’s impact on livestock.