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tomato leaves

Using nitrogen as an accelerator

Of all the elements, nitrogen has the most profound effect on a crop, and this is why you need to use it wisely.
saanen goats

Award-winning goat’s cheese from Clarens

After teaching herself cheesemaking, Estee van Aswegen entered her Baris cheeses at the South African Dairy Championships and won top of class.
sugarcane being harvested

Earthworms to the rescue on degraded sugar cane land

With sugar cane being a perennial crop that is ploughed out and replanted only after a number of years, the soil in which it grows can suffer as a result...

World-class operation profits from ethically produced pigs

In response to ever-more consumers demanding ethically produced food, Butt Farming, a large commercial pig operation in KwaZulu-Natal, is incorporating improved animal welfare practices into its processes while maximising productivity.

Land reform: speak up now!

Two important pieces of draft legislation that will shape the way that land reform in South Africa will be implemented were published recently, and are currently open for public comment.

A drought action plan for livestock farmers

Drought seems to have become a permanent part of Southern Africa’s weather patterns, but many farmers are still caught unaware, and suffer accordingly.
The kanna (Sceletium tortuosum)

Time for SA farmers to cash in on the succulent boom

Nearly half of the world’s succulent species are endemic to Southern Africa. Despite this, our commercial farmers have yet to cash in on the thriving global succulent market. Glenneis Kriel...
potatoes planted by tractor

The long, hard road to profiting from potatoes

In 1998, at the age of 45, Frans Vlok left his job as head of Kynoch fertiliser services in the Western Cape to pursue his lifelong dream of farming full-time....

The ‘profit-for-purpose’ empowerment model

A new empowerment model championed by a Limpopo-based farming company, Schoonbee Landgoed, and Thebe Investment Corporation aims to establish long-term partnerships between white commercial farmers and black institutional investors while...
mutton merino sheep

Breeding fuss-free Mutton Merino sheep

The changing climate and rising input costs are forcing farmers to find innovative ways to remain economically viable. Hugo Wiehahn, owner of Hugo Wiehahn en Seuns Mutton Merino stud near...

How to make farming pay with no land of your own

Two postgraduate students from the University of Cape Town are facilitating farming in the heart of the city, yet neither owns a sizeable piece of land. Wandile Tshabe, co-founder of...
1tRIPr strip-tillage system

Improve fertiliser placement with strip-tillage

According to Michael Petersen, lead agronomist at US-based Orthman Manufacturing, the main pillars of success for strip-tillage are vertical tillage, residue management, seedbed preparation and fertiliser placement. Stehan Cloete explains...


Cannabis production could outpace demand – new report

A new report on cannabis production and trade is forecasting an increase in medical cannabis production this year, but warns that the existing small markets could leave growers with unsold...

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