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Driving transformation in the citrus industry

Shaun Brown, owner of Eden Agri packhouse, has brought together a group of citrus producers from the Kat River Valley to collaborate on creating a better future for the area and its people.

Family businesses: When parents and children clash

Parent and child can work together on the farm, love each other, state their needs, be heard and learn to negotiate their differences. It starts with respect and compromise, says Trevor Dickinson.

Cost-effective irrigation

Over-irrigating costs you money in terms of water and electricity, and may lower your crops’ potential. Under-irrigating is also detrimental. Learn to irrigate properly and at the optimal time, says Bill Kerr.

Macadamias: switching to machine harvesting

Harvesting macadamia nuts is highly labour-intensive, and Braam de Kock’s Lowveld farm is no exception. Tired of the stress of managing a large workforce, De Kock finally opted for mechanisation, and found the investment well worth it. Nonetheless, the process has had its challenges, he told Lindi Botha.

Animal feed: tips for cutting costs and reducing wastage

Feed accounts for 65% to 75% of a poultry or pig farmer’s total input costs. Feed expert Dr Leon Ekermans spoke to Glenneis Kriel about strategies to reduce these costs and prevent wastage.

A beautiful farm that makes an ideal spot for hunting and fishing

Enjoy the freedom of being the only guests at this farmhouse, just off the N3 en route to Durban, where you can enjoy a variety of actvities, or simply relax and unwind, says Riaan Hattingh.

Improving nitrogen-use efficiency in wheat

With global fertiliser prices at a two- year high, nitrogen use came under the spotlight at the 2021 SKOG Pre-Plant Information Day. Speaking at the event, agronomist Jacques Smith highlighted the importance of a holistic approach to nitrogen fertiliser management in grain crops.

Controlling biting flies

Biting flies are not only a nuisance, but can also transmit diseases and deliver painful bites, says Dr Mac.

Business writing skills: the power tool of the effective manager

Clear, concise writing that avoids phrases like ‘as a consequence of’ instead of ‘because’, or inanities such as ‘going forward’, creates a good impression and strengthens your arguments, says Peter Hughes.

How Africa can benefit from a strong agri sector

A report by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations argues that African governments need to invest more in their agriculture sectors in order to promote growth, create jobs and reduce poverty.

Putting crop rotation into perspective

When developing a crop rotation programme, one must take into consideration the various pests and diseases that may infect different crops in order to avoid disastrous results, says Bill Kerr.

Machinery trends defining the future of farming

It is unlikely that South Africa’s commercial agriculture sector would have achieved its internationally respected status were it not for the investment that farmers have made in mechanisation. Lloyd Phillips spoke to a number of experts about some of the main agricultural machinery sales trends.

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