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Take care when mixing family and business

The values driving success in families and those in business are diametrically opposed. Keeping them in harmony is the great challenge of the family business.

Growing a pecan tree in your garden

Pecans are not only delicious; they are amongst the healthiest nuts available, says vegetable specialist Bill Kerr.

Be wary of the lantana

The consumption of the lantana bush can result in severe liver failure and death, warns Dr Mac.

Protecting South Africa’s trees from the shot hole borer

The polyphagous shot hole borer threatens over 150 South African tree species. If left unchecked, it could cause huge damage to citrus and avocado orchards, amongst others. Prof Wijnand Swart...

Harnessing the dual-purpose potential of Merino ewes

Matthew Morgan of Tarkastad has developed his family farms vertically by establishing permanent mixed pastures for his 3 000 Merino ewes to lamb on. The excellence of his farming won...

The advantages of sweet thorn

The sweet thorn tree has been appearing in increasing numbers. Yet this ‘invader’ should be welcomed by farmers, as it provides year-round feed and shelter, writes Roelof Bezuidenhout.

Forage harvester’s efficiency drives profitability

Improved forage harvesting technology drastically enlarges the silage surface area. This improves the product, benefitting farmers and harvesting contractors, says Stehan Cloete.

Make the most of the free market

Fresh produce growers often try to plan production to capitalise on high prices.

Why Africa needs fairer food laws

Food and agriculture laws hamper food security in Africa and elsewhere, say Tigist Gebrehiwot, Steve Cornelius and Lise Korsten in the journal article ‘Impact of global food and agriculture laws...

Understanding immune-mediated myositis

This recently described syndrome, which affects mainly American Quarter Horses, can be confirmed using genetic tests, says Dr Mac.

‘Never give up on your farming dreams’ – SA’s top dairy...

Over almost three decades, Foundation Farm in KwaZulu-Natal has evolved from a small dairy operation to winner of the Agricultural Research Council’s 2019 Master Dairyman of the Year. The farm’s...

Equipping young leaders in agriculture to lead

The Syngenta Leadership Academy is aimed at empowering a new generation of leaders in agriculture. Siyanda Sishuba spoke to three alumni of the programme about their experience and the lessons...


How NERPO is adapting to a changing livestock sector

Changes in the livestock business environment have motivated the National Emergent Red Meat Producers’ Organisation (NERPO) to review its strategy and improve services to its members. NERPO managing director Aggrey...
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