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Making wildlife part of your horse business

Like many industries, the horse industry is suffering due to COVID-19 regulations. If you own a farm, bringing in some game could offer you another income stream, says Dr Mac.

Succession planning: get expert help and understand your options

Even if succession seems straightforward, as when passing on operations to a single heir, several steps are needed to facilitate the transfer of the farm from one generation to the next, says Trevor Dickinson.

Producing cashmere

Cashmere is one of the finest fibres in the world and is considerably warmer than wool. Products made from this fibre are in great demand, especially in Western countries.

COVID-19 and the rise of organic farming

According to the 2021 statistics yearbook ‘The World of Organic Agriculture’, which presents the latest statistics and emerging trends in organic farming from 187 countries around the world, organic farmland increased by 1,1 million hectares in 2019, and organic retail sales continued to grow.

Jams and preserves: From two pots on a stove to a national supplier

When Ina Lessing started her home-made jams and preserves business 25 years ago, she had no idea that she would one day be supplying outlets across South Africa.

Backgrounding beef animals for higher profit

Most South African beef producers sell their weaners straight to feedlots for finishing. Chéri-Lynn Steyn, a master’s student in agricultural economics, explains how backgrounding these animals can increase the income of commercial beef farms and even of the feedlots themselves.

Tackling climate change and biodiversity loss

Climate change is inextricably linked to the accelerating destruction of nature. This report discusses how natural climate solutions, which include land management programmes that increase carbon dioxide storage and reduce carbon emissions, can help tackle both problems simultaneously.

‘The bottleneck is always at the top of the bottle’

So says management legend Peter Drucker. He is right; delegation (done properly) gets the job done, saves time and gets the best out of employees! Peter Hughes explains.

Young farmer’s 7t/ha soya bean crop proves power of agtech

As the TAU SA Young Farmer of the Year 2020, Danie Bester epitomises the ideal modern farmer: energetic, curious, tech-savvy and connected to his peers globally. While his precision farming techniques have yielded him a bumper soya crop, this ambitious producer plans to do even better.

Boost productivity with heifers

The replacement heifer is the foundation of a productive cow herd. Its selection and development can greatly affect the profitability of the farm through its genetics, future performance and longevity.

Family-owned abattoir on a quest to achieve zero waste

After a fire destroyed the Tomis Group’s meat-processing facility, the owners decided to reinvent the business as a market leader in meat quality and safety. Managing director Laurie Terblanche spoke to Glenneis Kriel about the recovery and transition.

Understanding thermal imaging

This non-invasive diagnostic tool can identify ‘hotspots’ that are linked to unsoundness, says Dr Mac.

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