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Kiwifruit: South Africa’s golden opportunity

After the failure of local green kiwifruit production in the 1980s, a new group of farmers is hopeful that golden kiwis will become a South African success story. One such producer, Peter Nicholson, spoke to Susan Marais about the sector and its ambitions.

Animal health: putting together a first-aid kit for livestock

Any animal can suffer a sudden traumatic injury or other medical emergency. In this first part of a four-part series, Prof Cheryl McCrindle, a practising veterinarian and professor at the University of Pretoria, details how to treat cattle, sheep and goats in emergencies.

Climate change: why the world cannot afford a disorderly transition

A new report states that the lack of coordinated action on climate change poses profound dangers to society. Amongst these is an increase in already stark inequalities.

Give your orchards the health coverage they deserve

Cover crops are the gifts that keep on giving. Not only do they maintain soil moisture and improve soil health, but they are a valuable tool for reducing pest loads in subtropical orchards. By planting specific species, farmers can reduce their pesticide bill and meet the crop safety requirements of their markets.

Welcome back to SA’s agri shows!

The year is certainly flying by at lightning speed, and it’s incredible that we are already entering the annual cycle of agricultural shows in South Africa.

Beware of oak poisoning!

It can be very difficult to diagnose chronic poisoning in horses caused by the consumption of acorns, says Dr Mac.

Are you a ‘people-pleaser’ or an ‘injustice collector’?

‘People-pleasers’ and ‘injustice collectors’ tend to suffer from the same basic problem: a lack of self-esteem. Trevor Dickinson explains these different personality types and how they fit into the larger family business.

New Agbiz CEO outlines threats and opportunities for SA agriculture

Theo Boshoff, the new CEO of Agbiz, says that despite the many challenges facing South Africa’s agriculture sector in 2022, opportunities for growth abound. He spoke to Annelie Coleman.

Planting and harvesting potatoes

Potatoes are grown from disease-free seed potatoes, require a lot of fertiliser, and are labour-intensive. All of this costs plenty, warns Bill Kerr.

Dairy cows flourish on natural pasture

A total mixed ration has become the predominant feeding system of dairy cows in South Africa. But Rob Visser, owner of Dalewood Fromage, has bucked this trend, focusing instead on pastures planted to many species of grass. His approach has contributed in no small way to his internationally acclaimed cheeses, says Lindi Botha.

Why some farmers are turning to pre-owned tractors

A range of problems, including weak commodity prices many years before the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic, has contributed to the worldwide dearth of new tractors on the market. As a result, some farmers have had little choice but to turn to second-hand machines for their operations.

Alternatives to using plastics in agricultural production

While the use of plastics has helped farmers to produce more with less, the material presents an enormous environmental issue. This report by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations looks at alternatives that can be introduced by farmers and governments to reduce reliance on plastics in agricultural production and thereby cut down on pollution.

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