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brahman cattle

Strict selection: the key to award-winning Brahmans

Producing world-class stud cattle is a challenging endeavour, but judging by the stacked-up ribbons at the RiHugo farming enterprise, Rian Maree has found the winning recipe. He spoke to Lindi...

Investing in lucerne pays off for western Free State farmer

Lucerne under irrigation provides Free State farmer Boeboe Louw with an ideal alternative to grain. Annelie Coleman visited him on his farm in the Wesselsbron district to find out how...

Growing pains of a young North West ostrich farmer

New ostrich farmer Kabelo Lekalakala says the industry in North West can be returned to its former glory through the participation of young aspiring farmers.

Farmer’s Weekly Tour to Nampo 2020

Join the Farmer’s Weekly tour to Nampo Harvest Day, 11-14 August 2020, Africa’s premier agricultural show, to experience the best that South African agriculture has to offer.

The case for a national agri insurance plan

South African farmers are finding their businesses increasingly at risk due to the effects of climate change. Broad-based access to a state-supported agricultural insurance scheme would enhance food security in...

How aquaponics benefits children and the community

Two years ago, Laerskool Kempton Park embarked on an innovative project to introduce aquaponics in its school curriculum. The produce from this system not only provides nutritious food, but teaches...

SA is holding the rest of Africa back

While still considered by many foreign investors as the ‘gateway into Africa’, South Africa’s dismal economic performance has been a drag on the rest of the continent, which, in 2019,...

Co-operation: the key to farming success

We forget that co-ops laid the foundation for many of South Africa’s present-day commercial farmers. Small-scale farmers stand little chance of surviving without them.

Get ready to profit from plant- and insect-based proteins

Across the world, food consumption patterns are undergoing vast changes, necessitating changes in the agricultural landscape. Lindi Botha spoke to Mark Hassenkamp, agri-tech adviser to Blue Horizon Corporation, which holds...

Twin foals are not a good idea!

About 80% of twin foals are aborted by the eighth month of pregnancy, sometimes with negative consequences for the mare, says Dr Mac.

Want a good soya bean harvest? Start with an even seedbed

While building up a soya bean farming operation, you might not have the resources to invest in a combine harvester, especially one with a flexible cutter bar. Fortunately, Agrico’s HSD630...

SA water crisis: Climate change not the only culprit

According to Mike Muller, a visiting adjunct professor at the University of the Witwatersrand’s Graduate School of Governance, low and unpredictable rainfall is not the only cause for South Africa’s...


‘New broom’ for Western Cape department of agriculture

Dr Mogale Sebopetsa will assume the position of new head of the Western Cape Department of Agriculture on 1 April. He takes over from Joyene Isaacs.
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