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Managing for profit by Peter Hughes

Don’t be seduced by gadgets

New communication technology has changed the world, and will continue doing so. Are you its master or its slave?
Holstein calf

Want a more profitable dairy? Take care of your calves!

Three key factors can reduce calf mortalities and boost milk yield: correct hygienic practice in calf cages, control of Cryptosporidium parvum, and implementing a colostrum programme. Specialist veterinarian Dr Chris...
ClemenGold mandarins

Cultivar branding: a game changer for growers

Fresh produce branding is gaining momentum as farmers seek to ensure a market for their fruit in an industry where supply is dramatically increasing. The success of the ClemenGold mandarin...
Daniel Maqala

New commercial farmer invests in asparagus

Up-and-coming commercial farmer Daniel Maqala is diversifying further by investing in asparagus. Sabrina Dean visited him to find out more about his journey so far.
Lipizzaner stallion

Lipizzaner stallions in South Africa

Lipizzaners, well known for their high-level dressage displays, originated more than four centuries ago. However, the breed continues to amaze, says Dr Mac.
Raw materials include biscuits, ice-cream cones and chocolate

Dutch company’s success in turning food waste into feed

A Dutch company that produces animal feed from food waste says this is the only way in which agriculture can remain sustainable. Gerhard Uys spoke to Karel van der Velden...
It’s time for smallholder farmers to enter value chains

It’s time for smallholder farmers to enter value chains

The expropriation without compensation debate has been making national headlines since last year, with many proponents arguing that it would economically empower the poor. However, Zamikhaya Maseti, a senior specialist...
Years of heightened uncertainty

Years of heightened uncertainty

South Africa ended the year with some good news when fuel prices, which had soared to record highs in November, came down sharply in December, and Statistics South Africa announced...
Afrigus cattle

Afrigus: Breeding the ideal beef cattle for a drier future

Free State stud breeder Martiens le Roux believes the Afrigus breed is a promising new contestant in the South African beef cattle arena. Annelie Coleman called on him on his...
Managing for profit by Peter Hughes

Unleash the power of high trust

Do you as a manager trust your employees? Do they trust you? If not, you will struggle to maximise the potential of your business. Here are some practical tips on...
Twycross Packers

How mentorship helped two women rise to top positions on farm

Hard work, dedication and showing a lively interest in agriculture have propelled Iris Mashaba and Dineo Mokhabuki from being temporary farmworkers to holding managerial positions at major agribusinesses near Mbombela...
No-till: increasing soil organic content

No-till: increasing soil organic content

With no-till farming, you need to try to gradually increase the organic content of the soil.


Homeland consolidation: a forerunner of land reform?

Homeland consolidation: a forerunner of land reform?

Zimbini Coka, a junior lecturer at the University of the Free State’s Department of Agricultural Economics, visited areas that became part of the Ciskei homeland through consolidation in the 1970s...

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