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Using sexed semen to get more value from cattle

Breeding using sexed semen can help your bottom line by creating cattle the market demands, says Dr Ken Odde, professor and department head emeritus of the Department of Animal Sciences and Industry at Kansas State University.

Boerperd breeder sets her sights ever higher

Liezelle Whitehead, award-winning SA Boerperd breeder from the eastern Free State, believes the Boerperd has a bright future as probably the most multi-purpose horse in the country. She describes the Boerperd as a genetic treasure trove in the equine world. Annelie Coleman reports.

Award-winning apple farmer credits teamwork for his success

Stettyn Farm in the Western Cape recently won the Tru-Cape Award for the highest number of class-one pack-outs and income per hectare for apples. Hendrik Botha, the owner, shared his formula for success with Glenneis Kriel.

Why soya deserves a bigger place on people’s plates

In an ocean of pricey superfoods, soya stands out as being so cheap that its value is often downplayed. Used predominantly for animal feed, soya beans for human consumption faces a significant marketing problem, one which the Cloete family in Mpumalanga are tackling at every opportunity to elevate this humble bean to its deserved spot on our plates. Lindi Botha reports.

How an Irish family is changing the narrative around dairy farming

Public opinion on farming practices has taken a negative slant the world over as social media perpetuate stereotypes of farmers who only seek profit, to the detriment of the environment. Irish farmers Pete and Paula Hynes are challenging those views by placing their farm firmly in the spotlight.

How to store seed properly for maximum yield

Peter Craven, seed supply and quality lead at Syngenta, and Kobus van Huyssteen, technical manager at the South African National Seed Organisation, spoke to Magda du Toit about the importance of proper seed storage.

Financial solutions for agricultural business owners

We all know there are no short cuts to success and anything worthwhile requires a lot of effort, commitment and determination. That is why you take very good care with who you entrust with your hard-earned money.

Diagnosis and treatment of the main livestock diseases

While there are numerous illnesses that can affect livestock and animals such as chickens and pigs, in this article, Shane Brody concentrates on sheep, cattle and goats.

How compost from Mpumalanga farmer’s bioreactor is boosting no-till crops

No-till crop cultivation is hardly a novel movement, yet learning curves are still steep as farmers navigate the intricacies of what makes healthy soil. Lindi Botha speaks to Hendrik Odendaal about how a change in his compost regime is making all the difference.

Rusks: A homemade success story

Almost two decades ago, Heather van Zyl began baking rusks in her kitchen for neighbours and friends. Today she sells 60t across five provinces. Mike Burgess visited her recently on the farm Van Zylsrust near Lady Grey in the Eastern Cape to better understand her secret to success.

Nematode management starts with knowledge

Some species of nematodes, or roundworms, can become a serious problem, says Dr Driekie Fourie, technical product lead for Syngenta Seedcare in Africa and the Middle East.

Fishing and birding bliss at Linger Longer near Dullstroom

The Prinsloo family have added five comfortable cottages to their working farm to provide a delightful getaway for city dwellers. Riaan Hattingh paid it a visit, and came away well rested and highly impressed.