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Savanna goats

World champion Savanna goat breeder’s winning formula

World champion Savanna goat breeder Koenie Kotzé believes in strict selection, the best possible genetics, and top conformation and type. Annelie Coleman visited him on his farm Niekerkshoop in the...
Gloomy SA needs happy farmers

Gloomy SA needs happy farmers

Let’s be honest, living in South Africa can be really depressing, despite our many sunny days, beautiful scenery and generally long-suffering disposition.
Organic soil matter

The benefits of organic matter

When the soil contains sufficient organic material, farming becomes far easier and less risky. In contrast, in a chemically based system, the interaction between the minerals becomes critical and complex,...
Getting settled on Carnarvon Estates

How Nerpo boss and his sister rescued a land reform farm

In 2009, the managing director of Nerpo, Aggrey Mahanjana, took charge of the 5 000ha Carnarvon Estates land reform farm in the Eastern Cape. Today he can look back on...
Buffalo bull

Concern about declining Cape buffalo trophy quality

The Cape buffalo occupies a top spot on hunters’ wish lists, but studies show a decrease in the quality of buffalo trophies, according to Dr Johan Rabie, buffalo breeder and...
Why SA and Namibia should strengthen trade links

Why SA and Namibia should strengthen trade links

Namibia is a reliable export and import partner for South Africa, and the two countries are closely linked politically and economically. This interdependency should be founded on mutual respect and...
The three-spotted tilapia

Why fish farming is booming in Zambia, and not in SA

Private fish farms and government are working together to breed tilapia and grow aquaculture production in Zambia.
Managing for profit by Peter Hughes

Get a family council working now!

Discord and bickering among members set a family business up for failure. A well-managed family council may be the answer.
Lucerne crop

Lucerne: A massive export market for ‘green gold’

Johan Jacobs plants lucerne to ensure mega yields from other crops in his niche farming business, as well as a good cash flow for at least nine months of the...
Oven-baked hake with courgettes on the side

Oven-baked hake with courgettes on the side

It’s probably safe to say that hake is South Africa’s favourite supermarket fish. A magnificent vehicle for quick cooking, it can be prepared in many ways. Here is one.
Indigenous veld goats

Indigenous veld goats: A family’s profitable passion

Indigenous Veld Goat breeder Erik de Witt is following his dream of preserving indigenous livestock breeds. Sabrina Dean visited him and learnt that with innovative marketing, it is also possible...
Mulch for no-till vegetables

Growing a variety of soil microbes

Most farmers are aware that a healthy population of soil organisms is a good thing. What many don’t understand is that the number of soil organisms is directly related to...


Damara sheep

Damara sheep: No environment too tough

Since importing his first Damaras from Namibia in the late 1980s, stud breeder Frank Blumenthal has firmly believed in the integrity of the breed. The Free State farmer says that...

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