A family home in East London

Jonno designs a two-storey house with solar panels on the roof for Sipho whom stays in a township outside East London.

A family home in East London
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Dear Jonno
I love your articles in Farmer’s Weekly – I always read them first. I’m looking for a family home that will fit onto a small, narrow site in the township area outside East London. The ground floor must have a fair-sized living area with one bedroom and a separate bathroom.

I would like a further three bedrooms, one en suite, and a separate bathroom on the upper floor. The site is only 17m wide so the house will have to fit across with space for a vehicle to pass to the rear end. I hope this is enough information for you to go on.
I would also like the house to have a flat roof with parapet walls surrounding it. We would like to erect solar panels on the roof.

Best regards,

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Dear Sipho
Thank you for your interest and request. As we all know, the roof of a building is what gives it a certain character and aesthetic appeal. In place of it, some further external adornments will need to be added. Shown here are the outer walls of colourful burnt face-bricks – low maintenance. The windows are large ‘picture’ and bay windows with a veranda – just to add that bit of essential character. The room arrangement is as requested, making for a comfortable abode. Let me have specific site details and comments.