Agriculture stories

Change: are you up to speed?

Change is never easy. It’s far less stressful to stick to the familiar.

It’s about seeking solutions

It is often said that the most innovative and creative solutions to problems are found during tough times. And in many cases, new solutions change the way we live or...

Not reporting on problems won’t make them go away

Gwede Mantashe’s comments at the recent Afasa congress regarding the media, and Farmer’s Weekly specifically, left me flabbergasted.

Now real negotiations can begin

Last week saw South Africa’s two largest agricultural farmer unions hold their annual conferences, virtually back to back and at the same venue.

Ebola’s scare factor

The economic effects of contagious, incurable, fatal diseases are well known. During the avian flu epidemic in Asia about 10 years ago, restaurants were empty, and foreign investors and travellers...

Are farm workers’ rights a convenient diversion?

Cyril Ramaphosa’s reprimand of farmers in the Boland must have come as a shock. Wasn’t Ramaphosa supposed to be ‘a champion for commercial farmers’?


Mixed reactions to new minimum wage for farmworkers

Two of South Africa’s national agricultural organisations have expressed opposing views on the new national minimum wage due to come into effect on 1 March.

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