Bluetooth power tools

Keep track of your tools and recharge batteries with this highly useful app.

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The Dewalt range from Stanley Black & Decker features the first ‘connected’ battery system for cordless power tools.

The XR Tool Connect app uses Bluetooth technology to connect the XR battery system to any smartphone or tablet.
“The XR Tool Connect system allows construction professionals to quickly check if they have all their tools accounted for, and also verify which, if any, of their batteries need to be charged overnight.

“It also allows you to shut tools down if they leave the designated work area,” explains Mayan Desai of Stanley Black & Decker. The app can be downloaded from the Android and Itunes stores.

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Diagnosing a battery’s condition
Customised alerts can be created to monitor battery performance and health. Forgotten or misplaced items can also be quickly identified without time-consuming searches.Any power tool fitted with a Dewalt XR 18V Tool Connect battery pack can be paired to a mobile device up to 30m away via the app.

The diagnostics screen shows an individual battery’s state of charge, temperature and connection to Bluetooth. It also allows you to turn on and disable a particular battery. Disabling a battery prevents it from being used until it is turned back on. This feature makes it easy to shut down equipment at the end of the day to conserve battery life and reduce theft.

How to customise alert preferences
The Actions screen allows you to customise your alert preferences and decide on what information you need and when you need it. Options include the following:

  • Alert if out of range;
  • Disable if out of range;
  • Alert at low battery charge;
  • Alert at high temperature;
  • Alert at charge completion.

In addition, the screen has a lending button, which allows for sharing of batteries. 

You can select an amount of time for the tool (with battery) to be ‘lent’. When the time is exceeded, the battery shuts down and the user receives an alert.