Interactive & environmentally friendly

Instantly available, digital magazines are becoming ever more popular, says Greg Miles.

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Digital content is music, information and images available for download on electronic media. If you’re on the Internet, you are most likely looking at, watching or listening to a piece of digital content.

Early digital publications were not really interactive; they were simply magazine pages turned into PDF (portable document format). This is an electronic image you can view, print or forward to someone else. A PDF has an excellent compression  ratio, meaning that the file downloads quickly and can be read on all operating systems.

With newer technology, digital magazines have become more interactive, with links to other websites and videos.

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Digital magazines have the added benefit of being environmentally friendly. A slim printed magazine of, say, 68 pages and a circulation of only 20 000 uses up about 12t of paper with each issue. And then there’s the environmental cost of delivery.
By contrast, a digital magazine uses no paper or ink and is delivered at the click of a button. This also means that the issue can be read minutes after its release online.

Farmer’s Weekly is available through Magzter ( and Zinio ( The programs and apps you need to read the digital version of Farmer’s Weekly are available for download for free from your preferred online store, such as iTunes or Google Play (for Android).

Available on any digital device
Use Zinio if you want to read your magazine on a PC or a Mac. Use Magzter to read it on an iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch or any Android device. There is also a Magzter app available for the Kindle Fire and the Kindle Fire HD. Once you’ve downloaded the free app, type ‘Farmer’s Weekly’ in the search box. You can then decide if you want a subscription (and if so, for how long) or a single edition (which could include a back issue).

Both Magzter and Zinio use a highly secure credit card payment system and the globally respected PayPal. A friend of mine who is keen on hunting and fishing signed up with Magzter at my suggestion. He was amazed at how many overseas publications on these topics were available.