FARMTALK: we want to get to know you better

Farmer’s Weekly has been proudly serving the Southern African agricultural sector for the past 106 years, and one of the reasons why we have managed to keep going for over a century is our absolute dedication to continually adapting to the changing needs of you, our readers.

FARMTALK: we want to get to know you better
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Agriculture currently finds itself at a pivotal time in history. Not only do farmers have to embrace those production methods and technologies that will help them adapt to a changing climate that is increasing the frequency and intensity of droughts and floods, but they also have to be more responsive to shifting consumer demand.

This all needs to be achieved during a time when a fast-growing world population will require the quantity of food being produced in the world to accelerate at an unprecedented pace.


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Here in South Africa, the dynamics within the farming sector are being forced to change and adapt to accommodate transformation of the industry. Our farmers face a number of challenges that are unique to farming in South Africa, such as having to contend with the threat of violence in rural areas.

Like the agricultural sector, the media is also going through a time of evolution. We have to adapt to the new ways in which people choose to consume information by communicating in different formats on a multitude of platforms.

While we find ourselves in this mercurial time, Farmer’s Weekly wants to make sure that we are still staying true to our most central purpose, which is to stand in the service and promotion of the healthy development of the farming sector in Southern Africa.

This is why we have decided to create a platform where we can communicate with our readers in real time, to get your immediate feedback on the information we offer in the magazine, and on all our digital platforms.

By using the FARMTALK panel, which you can join by downloading an app on your phone, we will ask you a weekly round of questions aimed at better understanding exactly what those topics are that you want to read about, in what format you want us to provide the information, and when you want it.

Moreover, in the weeks to come, we will continue to share more information about this new initiative on all our platforms.

To coincide with the launch of the FARMTALK panel, we will also conduct a wide-ranging reader survey that you can look out for in our January editions.

We understand that the world of farming is changing and we want to be right there by your side, changing with you, as we ready ourselves for another 100 years of serving agriculture through journalism.

To join, or for queries, email Tanya, our FARMTALK community manager, at [email protected]

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Denene hails from a sugar cane farm in Pongola, KwaZulu-Natal, but after school she relocated to the Cape Winelands to study, for many years, at the University of Stellenbosch. She worked as a journalist for Farmer’s Weekly since 2009 and in 2015 moved to Johannesburg as Deputy editor for the magazine. In 2016 she was appointed editor, and at the end of 2021, she stepped down from her position to pursue her journalism career.