Now, an app specifically for SA farmers

Agtag covers a wide range of agricultural topics and is a pleasure to use.

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Agtag, a new app developed by, provides agriculture-related information with a simple click of a button and is proving to be a hit with farmers. A great feature is that searching for information is quick. The app allows you to avoid pages of advertisements and useless information that often accompany an Internet search, and which can be frustrating.

Android users can download it at Google Play and iPhone/iPad users can get it at iTunes. Once the app has been downloaded (for free) you must register in order to start using it. Agtag will then become your personal link to informative and relevant agricultural articles, videos and sound clips – all of which are continually updated.

‘Bookmark’ your favourite topics
The app allows you to create bookmarks for topics which you find interesting or wish to visit again. This works the same as the bookmark facility of your PC’s browser. Agtag has a highly efficient support centre for answering any query or problem you might have about using the app. Your query is recorded as a ‘ticket’ and the support staff can keep track to make sure that it has been answered.

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Working together to build up the app
Subjects covered on Agtag include crops, livestock, fruit, vegetables, equipment, water and soil, agro processing and Agri SA.
If you would like a specific aspect of your farming speciality covered, you can do so by clicking on ‘Suggest an article’. Your suggestion will be added to a database. Obviously, the more farmers suggesting articles and using Agtag, the more subjects will be covered and the better the app will become. You can choose to read the app in English or Afrikaans.

Interesting articles can be saved to your Favourites and shared with friends via email or messaging, or on an array of social media websites, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. All in all, Agtag offers a pretty unbeatable package: it focuses on the SA agricultural scene, is easy to use, and costs nothing – all of which makes it a must-have for the farmer.