Global Farming

The world food outlook for the next decade is positive. South African farmers will be able to share in this, provided they're allowed and encouraged to do so.
Primary production is the least profitable sector in a value chain, and the farmer's share of the consumer rand is shrinking. But farmers can share in the profit made upstream...
South Africa's 30 000 commercial farmers provide affordable food, earn foreign currency and contribute massively to the national economy. Despite this, they regularly face threats to their survival.issue date: 19...
South African maize producers are too efficient for their own good!
South Africa's commercial farmers can help contribute to food security in Sub-Saharan Africa where half the population faces starvation.
The Doha Round will, in time, result in more freedom for the international market. This will reduce South African agriculture's competition with highly subsidised countries, but also remove a lot...
The new Consumer Protection Act gives consumers a lot of power. Since farmers share the responsibility for product quality, they need to stick to good agricultural practices - or risk...
Finance minister Pravin Gordhan has managed to balance income and expectations with his first budget, albeit without mentioning agriculture.
'While prospects have greatly improved, farmers must take the advice of the liquor adverts and “enjoy the better times responsibly”.'
'The percentage spent on grain decreases with an increase in income and the percentage spent on dairy products increases.'
'Joint action between farmers, agribusinesses and government is urgently needed to protect and improve our global competitiveness.'
'There is still a lot of misunderstanding about the proper way to use baseline projections in future planning.'
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