Global Farming

'The outlook for agricultural product prices remains good; there is little sign of a downturn in demand ...'
'Livestock producers will face higher feed costs, [but] fortunately the higher feed prices will result in higher US and world prices for livestock products.'
'A decrease in import tariffs will only result in lower consumer prices in a perfectly competitive market.'
'There is a lot of money to be made in agriculture - most of it lands in the pockets of agribusinesses while the farmers' share decreases.' Issue date 15 June...
'In the absence of a controlled market, farmers are responsible for their own marketing decisions.'
Sharp increases in prices have a psychological effect on market participants. This is true for share prices and also for agricultural prices. Increasing prices create a feeling of well-being amongst...
'If the farmer cannot survive, the agribusinesses that now make large profits from agriculture will also not survive.'Issue Date: 9 March 2007
'Well-planned and correctly managed on-farm value adding can become a very lucrative business. Issue date 23 February 2007
As the world's largest bean producer, China has dominated international markets for a number of years. Surprisingly, Chinese farmers have achieved this with little mechanisation and without owning the title...
South Africa's dairy farmers have had enough of poor milk prices, competition from unfair and illegal imports, and ignorant consumer attitudes regarding the benefits of consuming dairy products.
'Kenya has the ­potential to be a major producer.'
A group of KZN farmers has identified the potential in producing locally made emu oil for local and export markets.
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