The Importance of Soil Health

Soil health is a critical topic that requires thorough discussion due to its integral role in both agricultural success and environmental sustainability.

The Importance of Soil Health
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Healthy soil is not merely a cornerstone but rather the essential foundation on which farm productivity, profits, and sustainable food production depend.

Watch our expert panel discuss some of the crucial topics focussing on the importance of soil health in agriculture:

  • Effective soil management practices;
  • Importance of microbes and building the microbe population in your soil;
  • Impacts of tillage on soil health;
  • The importance of beneficial nematodes.
  •  The impact of climate change on soil health

 Mmakgabo Matlou, Soil Scientist at Agricultural Research Council.

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Dr Hendrik Smith, Conservation Agriculture facilitator, ASSET Research, South Africa

Dr Gerhard du Preez Senior Lecturer, Agricultural Sciences North West University