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Mention ‘sustainable farming’, and your listener will invariably think you’re referring to the environment. The fact that profitability is a prerequisite is often entirely disregarded.
The National Minimum Wage panel has stressed the pros of a minimum wage. Now for the cons.
Farmers frequently complain that they are exploited and ‘things were much better’ in the old days. Are they right?
Despite weak growth and bad political decisions, it seems as if the current outlook for agriculture is more positive.
Slow global economic growth will result in depressed demand, especially in developed economies.
Long-range strategic workshops have become fashionable in government. Commercial farmers simply want the government to play its proper role today!
Here are 5 questions you should ask yourself regularly to ensure that your farming operation remains viable and sustainable.
Agriculture is a riskier business than ever, yet there are still a number of ways for farmers to protect their wealth.
The recent BFAP Agricultural Baseline presentation once again provided the agriculture sector with a body of highly useful information.
…but government needs to create an enabling environment for South Africa’s commercial farmers.
Remarkable opportunities have opened up for South African farmers and agribusinesses in the steadily growing sub-Saharan markets.
As more than one local economist has noted, Britain’s exit from the EU is unlikely to have a major impact on SA agriculture, good or bad.


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