Global Farming

Farmers live and work under highly stressful conditions and need to safeguard their most precious resource – themselves.
Farmers are frequently invited to spend money on high-return investments. Here are the warning signs that you might be getting into trouble.
India’s agriculture has achieved fast growth thanks to a combination of research and development, and forward-thinking policies.
The outlook for economic growth in 2016 and 2017 remains subdued.
Farmers receive a minor part of the consumer rand. So it makes sense to shorten the distance from farm to fork.
Farmers will not be able to feed the world’s growing population unless they are allowed to use biotechnology.
SA agriculture is currently facing the country’s worst drought since 1904. The entire economy, not just farmers, will feel the effects.
The Red Meat Producers’ Organisation should be commended for developing and implementing a beef futures market. Let’s hope it gets off the ground.
Farmers are advised to spend money cautiously until the SA economy shows some direction.

Tough times lie ahead

This is especially true if government persists in being its own worst enemy.

Rand in freefall

It’s not all bad news. The weak currency is a mixed blessing for South Africa’s farmers.
With good planning and careful management, farmers will be able to survive the difficult times created by the current drought.

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