Eastern Cape empowerment project’s R1,5m pineapple crop

An old Eastern Cape pineapple farm has been revitalised to provide job opportunities for the local community. This year, the first harvest is expected to earn more than R1,5 million.

ARC’s top emerging beef farmer beats the odds

Tembeka Mbeshu, the 2016 Agricultural Research Council’s (ARC) Emerging Beef Farmer of the Year for the Eastern Cape, runs a herd of about 30 predominantly Bonsmara-type cows in the Elliot...

KZN community fights poverty through forestry project

A total of 7 000ha was transferred to the Mabandla community in Kwazulu-Natal as part of government’s land reform programme. The community has since established several successful ventures, including a...
Winning with wool - a top communal farmer's story

Winning with wool – a top communal farmer’s story

Award-winning farmer, Goodman Ginyigazi, farms over 260 Merino sheep in the rural area of Agnes Rest, in the former Transkei. Despite communal land tenure restrictions, he generates an annual turnover...
Animal health project assists rural farmers

Animal health project assists rural farmers

The Donald Woods Foundation (DWF) is working closely with subsistence and small- scale farmers in the former Transkei to boost animal health and overall food security. Grant Hollins visited the...

City girl takes on Simmentaler and sheep farming

Although Zandile Cewu grew up on a farm in the former Transkei, she never imagined she would become a full-time farmer. However, when her father died in 2013, Zandile was...

Goats revive rural farming project

A rural development project aimed at empowering female farmers is reaching new levels of success.

Success through diversity

While large farming operations appear to be growing bigger, smaller-scale farmers are becoming more diversified and are targeting niche markets. Their high-quality produce is becoming increasingly sought-after by both local...
Growing opportunities with maize

Growing opportunities with maize

Eight developing maize farmers plan to better themselves and their community through government and private assistance, hard work and a determination to equip themselves with as much knowledge as possible.

Ugandan dairy industry benefits from US experts

A small dairy research farm near Gulu in northern Uganda is benefiting from the expertise of a large US-based dairy operation, Country Dairy. On a recent trip to South Africa,...

Diversifying on a small scale for reduced financial risk

Small-scale farming operations are just as exposed to risk as their larger counterparts. Diversifying production is therefore also an option on smaller farms to mitigate this risk.

The Mooketsis’ fast rise to commercial success

Farmers Kabelo and Matshidiso Mooketsi had no previous agricultural knowledge before they began working on a communal farm in 2008. Despite a lack of experience and a difficult introduction to...


France bans widely-used herbicide

France bans widely-used herbicide

The sale of Roundup Pro 360 was recently banned in Lyon, France after a court found that regulators failed to take safety concerns into account when clearing the herbicide.

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