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Leadership and vision ensure success for community company

Since 2000, the government has invested more than R74 million in the Blocuso community in the Northern Cape. Dirk Claassen, financial manager of the Blocuso company, spoke to Glenneis Kriel about how the community has managed these funds to establish and run a thriving wine grape and raisin farm.

Diversification drives success of leading SA agri group

Despite having diversified into mining, construction, civil contracting, and heavy equipment hire, the ALS Group remains at heart a family farming business characterised by attention to detail, professionalism and integrity. Magda du Toit recently visited some of the agricultural and other business ventures in which the award-winning ALS Group is involved, and filed this report.

The pitfalls and benefits of diversifying your farming operation

Diversification enables farmers to spread risk and add additional income streams, but within the opportunities lie some hazards. Lindi Botha spoke to farmers who have successfully integrated their current operations through multicropping and other methods about how to tackle this juggling act without dropping the ball.

New era for Orange River raisin producers

The Vine Academy and Model Farm were officially launched in May 2022 to improve the sustainability of raisin farmers. Ferdie Botha, CEO of Raisins SA, spoke to Glenneis Kriel about this development.

Opportunities await SA rabbit producers abroad

While rabbit production is relatively small in South Africa, there is great untapped export potential, should the industry meet its challenges head-on.

Empowering communities to cope with climate change

Local communities need to be part of the process of better understanding climate change adaptation. Moreover, supporting small green economies could assist in job creation for the community. An environmental project in Eldorado Park is seeking to do just this.

How a dairy concern adds value to a diversified operation

With so many variables in the farming landscape, diversification is a useful strategy to hedge one’s risk and ensure a steady cash flow. However, managing multiple divisions comes with its own challenges. Jan Grey, who farms in Mpumalanga’s Bethal region, spoke to Lindi Botha about his winning strategies.

Why Florida, US, has become a magnet for SA’s emigrant farmers

The US offers many top choices for South African farmers seeking to emigrate. Florida and Texas are traditionally two of the most popular states that South Africans choose to relocate to, and both offer excellent agriculture opportunities.

Land Bank on the path to financial stability

Despite its recent financial troubles, Themba Rikhotso, CEO of the Land Bank, told Annelie Coleman the institution was on its way to recovery.

Unlocking the soil’s potential with biochar

Biochar, the residue created by burning biomass, has been increasingly recognised for its remarkable ability to improve soil fertility and store carbon. Kobus Stoop, director of Cape Town-based Senfore Soil Conditioning, spoke to Glenneis Kriel about the substance and its potential for agriculture.

Pooled finances: The power behind a thriving small-scale producer

Inga Qeja is the owner of Bhayi Holdings, a business that grows vegetables near Tsolo in the Eastern Cape, and hopes to expand to include other crops and livestock. He spoke to Siyanda Sishuba about how a lack of access to finance is a major factor thwarting the growth of emerging farmers.

SA’s cannabis industry: a potential powerhouse

Cannabis production could spur employment in South Africa, but the regulatory framework of the industry is not being formulated at the desired pace, says independent writer Shamin Chibba.