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It’s not only farmers who have to adapt to the fundamental changes occurring in world agriculture, or go out of business. Agricultural economists also have to adapt. This is the...
At the end of last year, two reports were published that exposed findings so disturbing that if this knowledge does not spur South Africans into action to save the country’s...
In his BCom Hons research paper, Mlungisi Mama examines why so few black youths are interested in agriculture as a career. His conclusion is that they believe the sector comprises...
New greening incentives for UK farmers

New greening incentives for UK farmers

The UK government is planning to introduce an agricultural policy that prioritises environmental protection and emphasises the links between food, farming and public health.
Australia aims to become top medicinal cannabis exporter

Australia aims to become top medicinal cannabis exporter

The Australian minister of health, Greg Hunt, has announced plans to make that country the world’s number one exporter of medicinal cannabis, according to a report by Reuters.
Climate change has no benefits

Climate change has no benefits

New research overturned the belief that increased CO2 global emissions had short-term benefits on plant growth.

Plough for more

A 50/50 partnership between South Africa’s Philafrica Foods and Mozambique’s Novos Horizontes was aiming to improve chicken production and supply within the borders of Mozambique.
The department of health has issued a warning to residents of Limpopo to seek help if bitten or scratched by a suspected rabid animal.
A Mpumalanga farmer has triumphed over a coal mine in a precedent setting case. The court victory was seen as a warning to mines who don’t comply with the National...
Staff constraints have been one reason for the delay of the completion of the national land audit, now due by the end of July. Denene Erasmus reports.
Purchasing power and demand in Africa for agricultural products is growing fast and a clear indication of this is the growth in trade between African countries.
A Limpopo game farmer and rhino breeder, Piet van Zyl, and his wife, Tilla, were murdered on their farm near Immerpan, Limpopo on Saturday night.
With huge increases in Eskom tariffs, more and more farmers are investing in alternative energy solutions. Mike Burgess visited Eastern Cape farmer Luke Bell to learn more about his KRE...
While many farmers try to grow their enterprises as big as possible, this goat cheese business is staying small – and it’s thriving, thanks to its location. Robyn Joubert reports.

A desire to succeed

Zabion de Wee graduated from the Grootfontein Agricultural Development Institute last year and is doing an internship with the National Wool Growers' Association. An ambitious young man, he has plans...
A small fruit factory on the Piket-Bo-Berg in the Swartland has secured major contracts in both the local and export markets. The secret to its success is surprisingly simple, as...
The milling operation started out of necessity. Today a successful business, here are lessons from an expert on maize meal and animal feed milling.
Lesedi Day Care was established by Katlego Sitrus to provide a safe and nurturing environment for farmworkers’ children. Wilma den Hartigh visited the farm school near Marble Hall.
Dear Arnold Here is the sketch of the layout for the retirement home you are planning in the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands. I’ve made the sizes of the rooms as close as...

Back to our roots

Jonno shows an example of a traditional farm homestead.
No, we’re not talking pickles or jams, but an entire meal – temptingly displayed and conveniently stored. The classic Consol glass jar is the natural development of the plastic lunch...

Steak and onion stir fry

Stir frying is the quickest way to make food that will please almost anyone. Here’s a starter recipe using only three main ingredients.
Some months ago at a local farmers’ market I found a stall selling lagaan. After some heavy-duty charm on my part, the stall holder let me in on the secret...
This ostrich farm in the Western Cape has diversified into tourism, sport, concerts and other attractions that ensure a constant income stream. Jay Ferreira reports.
In this second instalment of our series on launching an aquaculture business, we look at what steps to follow once a beginner has secured a basic knowledge of fish biology...
Steven Watermeyer is breeding micro pigs to meet the local demand for pet porkies.
Today’s domesticated pig has most of the qualities that the modern farmer looks for in livestock, including high profitability, explains Shane Brody.
Urea can be mixed with silage and roughage to increase milk production.
Poultry expert Bruce Gibson says the three golden rules for best broiler house management are: look, listen and smell. Lloyd Phillips investigates the importance of using your sense of smell.
Powdered goat's milk is one of the world's biggest agricultural value-adding businesses because it is more digestible than cow's milk. Now former Zimbabwean farmer Jean Vos and his brother-in-law François...
Over the past year or so, several new market agencies have opened on some of the bigger markets.
Paddy de Vries, national technical advisor for Hygrotech, talks to Nan Smith about basic fertigation techniques for tunnel farming.
Richard Myburgh started out small, buying fruit from producers and selling it to small businesses. But his business grew quickly and when he eventually outgrew the packhouse that he was...

How do we save our bees?

Globally, the fate of bees, as well as their important role in pollination and food production, have been in the spotlight. Wilma den Hartigh spoke to industry experts about the...
At a recent conference, Tommie van Zyl, CEO of the ZZ2 group, talked about the agency system being a good ‘enabler’, and his remarks got me thinking.
Act 12 of 1992, which regulates market agents, places strong emphasis on what a market agent may and may not do with a producer’s money.

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