Namibia’s first Romagnola stud

The Romagnola cattle breed is a relatively new entrant to Namibia, but is set to add great value to the country’s beef production industry in the long term. Annelie Coleman...

Santa Gertrudis: top-quality beef with minimal inputs

The modern Santa Gertrudis is a compact, well-adapted animal that excels on the veld and in the feedlot, says stud breeder Desmond Robertson. Annelie Coleman reports.

Beef cattle fertility – top Nguni stud raises the bar

Mike Burgess visited Christo Nowers at the state-run Dohne Agricultural Development Institute near Stutterheim to better understand how the herd has achieved an average calving percentage of 83,8% since 2000,...

Environmental benefits of Afrikaner cow productivity

Improved cow productivity reduces greenhouse gas production, according to specialist Agricultural Research Council researcher Prof Michiel Scholtz, who gave a presentation on the topic at the 1st International Conference on...

The way forward with grass-fed beef

Cloete Afrikaners takes the increasing consumer demand for grass-fed beef seriously. Adrian Cloete spoke to Gerhard Uys about the challenges of doing so in an industry currently geared to the...
winterfeeding feedlot cattle

Preparing cattle for summer production

Winterfeeding, according to Free State commercial cattle farmer Johan Dannhauser, should not be seen as a separate operation. Rather, it is part of a year-round system that involves all aspects...

‘EBVs are not negotiable’ – top Sussex breeder

Using estimated breeding values has dramatically improved the stud genetics of Free State breeders Chris Nel Snr and Chris Nel Jnr of Eversar Sussex stud. Yet they continue to take...

How to supplement this winter

In preparation for winter, most farmers in summer rainfall areas are supplementing their livestock feed. However, agricultural researcher, Jan Hoon, explains that normal winterfeed supplementation is not enough for animals...

Twee Plus Brangus pushes the breed to new heights

In 2015, Flippie Kotze and his son, Walter, sold a Brangus bull for a SA record price of R500 000 at the National Brangus Sale in the Free State. Mike...

Bonsmara-infused Afrikaners: enhancing performance

Bothaville Stud breeder, Herbert Bruinette, has succeeded in breeding Afrikaner cattle with excellent breeding values and muscling through the introduction of Bonsmara genetics into his herd. He started in 2008...

Locheim Herefords: bred for balance

Philip de Waal, owner of the Locheim studs in the Swartland and on the West Coast, has won regional, national and international awards for his top-performing Hereford cattle. He spoke...

Three-way crossbreeding for optimal production

Crossbreeding two beef breeds is a popular practice among South Africa’s commercial beef producers. A KwaZulu-Natal family that has been in the beef farming business for several decades believes it...


maize harvest

High food price inflation leaves poor consumers in the lurch

Annual food price inflation reached its highest level for the past 18 months in August, with the biggest year-on-year increase seen in the price of special maize meal.

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