Functionalities enrich experience of NWK’s website

NWK’s website, which went live earlier this year, offers visitors a variety of interactive functions that facilitate and enrich their web experience.

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Web statistics indicate that considerably more people than in the past are visiting the new website, mainly because of the real-time information with which it provides visitors. Among other things, My NWK enables NWK customers to monitor their account statements, delivery accounts and grain consignments and download all agricultural maps and reports applicable to their farms in PDF format.

Visitors can also use the locator function to locate the closest operational point or silo. Quotes for financing, equipment and other farming requirements can also be requested via the website.

“NWK realised that the website was obsolete and no longer fulfilled the expectations of a modern company. The development of the new website was a team effort and it is well designed and user friendly. I am proud of the end product,” said Danie Marais, managing director of NWK.

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The website is also a true reflection of NWK’s corporate identity. According to Marais, the website fits in with this identity. He is also of the opinion that customers can identify with it. “It creates the impression of a company that interacts with its stakeholders in a responsible manner and that radiates professionalism, applies innovative thinking and cares for its customers.

“The website was designed specifically so that visitors who are not necessarily familiar with NWK’s internal structure have access to specific areas of the business – it is very easy to search for information.”

Visitors can also share their views and suggestions with NWK by using the suggestions and enquiries button.

“I think the website is truly outstanding compared to those of other agricultural businesses,” Marais emphasised.

NWK’s web address is