More ways to protect your cellphone

Features such as ‘Phone Locker’ and ‘Remote Wipe’ make this app a must-have.

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Recently, I described AVG AntiVirus FREE, which can track Android phones, and I would like to discuss some of its useful features in more detail this week. Monitoring your cellphone has never been easier. As noted last time, simply by logging into your account you can see the precise current location of your phone online if it has been lost or stolen.

‘Phone Locker’ allows you to remotely lock your phone via SMS or from a control panel. With the latter, you log into your account online and control your phone with the numerous features supplied by AVG. Many business owners store sensitive data on their phones. The app allows you to lock your phone and safely secure your information. It even includes a ‘lock screen’ message displaying your contact details so that a good Samaritan can return your phone.

Delete it all from afar
If you realise that your phone has been stolen, you can use the ‘Remote Wipe’ feature. Simply press a button on the control panel and you can delete your contacts, photos, text messages and browsing history from your phone’s memory card.

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A secret ‘camera trap’
AVG also has a more advanced app called Pro Mobile Security, selling for R155 at the Google app store. With this, you can set a password lock on all your phone’s apps. In addition, after three unsuccessful attempts have been made at entering a password, ‘Camera Trap’ will secretly take a photograph of the person trying to use your phone and email it to your PC.
‘Sim Lock’, meanwhile, will automatically disable and lock the phone if the SIM is swapped.

Finally, there’s the ‘Shout’ feature. Press a button on the control panel and your phone will make a loud noise, even if the person who has taken it has turned the volume down! Needless to say, the app has a sophisticated antivirus program for protection against viruses, malware and spyware.

AVG AntiVirus FREE can be downloaded from