Project Southern Cross launched

Project Southern Cross, supported by Voermol, was launched today in Bothaville during Agri SA’s luncheon function as a fundraising initiative to promote rural safety.

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The objective of this project is to provide financial assistance for the work done by the Agri Securitas Trust Fund aimed at measures to prevent farm-related crime. The project is the initiative of Voermol’s central regional manager Leon van Dijkhorst for the purpose of raising funds with the support of sponsors, agricultural companies and through fundraising events. The first part of the project kicks off on 30 November 2013 in Limpopo, ending on 16 December 2013 at the most southerly tip of South Africa.

This will be followed up with a second leg starting on 20 December 2013 at Kosie Bay and ending on 8 January 2014 in Alexander Bay. In total he will cover approximately 4 200 km, including a half marathon each day and cycling a distance of around 140 km. Agri Securitas Trust Fund chairperson, Japie Grobler says “the Trust Fund has great appreciation for this initiative and fully supports it. He added that judging from the requests for financial contributions, there was a great need for security measures across a wide front.

Feedback received indicates that these contributions make a difference to people’s safety”. He also called on everyone with an interest in agriculture to support the project and so-doing help protect primary agriculture and allow it to develop to its full potential. “A company such as Voermol does business within the agricultural sector and depends on the support of primary agriculture for its survival. Therefore it is in our own interest to assist in protecting the sector and so-doing ensure its survival. The project offers an ideal opportunity for everyone in the agricultural value chain to make a contribution to crime prevention on farms and in rural areas,” says Voermol managing director Philip Strydom.

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The motivation for the inception and existence of the Agri Securitas Trust Fund is to provide supplementary financial resources to farming communities so that they can improve their own safety as well as that of other communities living in the area. Since its inception, the Trust Fund has assisted in financing various rural protection projects aimed at curbing farm-related crime, in particular, which includes the funding of radio communication systems, the installation of boom gates, the provision of rural protection equipment, support for the proactive prevention of farm attacks and funding of trauma counselling workshops for farming communities.