Abattoir owner denies incorrectly stunning pigs

The owner of the Klipeiland Slaghuis & Abattoir (KSA) in Bronkhorstpruit, Gauteng, has denied allegations that her business had been incorrectly stunning pigs and cutting their throats while they were still conscious.

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This follows a media statement by the NSPCA wherein the organisation said it would be laying criminal charges against KSA owner Suzette Louw and some of her employees for contravening the Animals Protection Act and the Meat Safety Act. 

“The electrical equipment used to pre-stun animals prior to slaughter – used to render the animals unconscious before their throats are cut – was ineffective. This meant that animals were having their throats cut whilst obvious signs of consciousness were present,” said the statement.

Speaking over the phone to Farmer’s Weekly, Louw said the NSPCA inspectors who visited the KSA premises were not qualified to determine the effectiveness of the company’s stunning equipment. 

“The truth is not being told. The inspectors couldn’t even understand Afrikaans so that I could [not] explain to them exactly how the equipment [worked]. Terrible things are being said about me that are not true. I am going to get an apology from them [the NSPCA],” said Louw.

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She acknowledged that there had been an incident once when a holding pen of sheep had been inadvertently left with no water overnight, but added that she had immediately remedied this oversight. In its statement the NSPCA said it had previously issued warnings to KSA on 19 January 2015 to provide water for all animals and to repair the company’s livestock offloading ramps.