AfriForum receives #RAK nomination and challenges Water Affairs

AfriForum has challenged the minister of water affairs, Edna Molewa, to appoint a Blue Scorpion task team to assist it in its criminal case in which the Madibeng Municipality is accused of negligent water management.

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This comes as part of AfriForum’s #RAKnomination, which is a spin-off of the well-known #Neknomination, which has gone viral on social networks. ‘RAK’ is an abbreviation for ‘random acts of kindness’.

Afriforum received its #RAKnomination from Solidarity’s Helping Hand and responded by replacing a water filtration system at Hartbeespoort High School, North West.

AfriForum would also like Molewa to give it the go-ahead to do water quality tests across South Africa.

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Julius Kleynhans, head of environmental affairs at AfriForum, said that there are so many issues related to water in the country and one often wonders if water affairs have the capacity to manage, monitor and enforce the law to protect the resource and ensure quality.

“AfriForum wants to help address these issues to ensure clean drinking water in our taps and waste water that is treated and discharged at a standard that won’t affect health, food security or ecosystems," said Kleynhans.

Afriforum invited the public to become involved by reporting water-related issues to AfriForum at or alternatively, indicate whether the water in your town is clean. SMS “Yes” or “No” to 32277. R1/SMS. 

Source: AfriForum YouTube Channel