Another record price for potatoes

Potato prices reached another record high after its previously recorded high price of R60 per 10kg earlier this year.

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A consignment of 1 870 bags filled with class 1 large/medium Sifra potatoes recently sold for R110 per 10 kg bag at the Johannesburg Fresh Produce Market. 

The bags of potatoes were those of Stef Stephen, a producer from the Sandveld area.

Thus far the potato industry experienced a fluctuating year ranging from an oversupply in the market to extreme prices. According to Pieter du Toit from the Botha Roodt Johannesburg Market this record price is a remarkable achievement.

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“Currently the demand for potatoes of good quality is very high, especially after this year’s drought and the lower production of potatoes. At present the demand exceeds the supply and market forces caused the prices that were achieved.”

He warned that this price is, however, not sustainable and predicts that the price will once again become under pressure as soon as farmers from Christiana in the Free State will start to harvest their potatoes.

“The potato supply will once again increase which will push prices down,” explained Du Toit.

He added that consumers do not have to worry about the record price because there are still potatoes available at an affordable price.