Grass project brings hope to drought-stricken farmers

Although the Hope Grass Project (HGP) sprang to life just over two weeks ago, more than 1 000 fodder bales and untold quantities of grass cuttings have already been received for distribution to drought-stricken livestock farmers.

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The HGP has gone viral and rapidly increasing numbers of concerned South Africans are coming to the aid of their country’s livestock producers and their animals.

“The drought is a harsh reality for the farmers of South Africa. In the cities we are, to a large extent, shielded from the devastating consequences of the worst drought in 30 years,” said the HGP’s founder, Annelize Geldenhuys.

Geldenhuys said the HGP’s goal wais to motivate the general public to contribute fodder, grass cuttings, money, their time, or any other resources to support SA’s beleaguered farmers.

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Download Hope for Grass – Guidelines for grass handling

She explained that even clean and properly handled lawn clippings could be dropped off at various points. These clippings will either be distributed as fresh livestock fodder or processed into feed pellets for starving animals.

“The idea to pelletise the grass came from a discussion that we had with Johannes Möller, president of Agri SA, about the drought,” said Geldenhuys.

In addition to providing emergency feed to livestock now, the HGP also intends to build a feed bank that can be accessed during SA’s upcoming dry winter months until the drought breaks. – Lloyd Phillips

* For further information, contact the Hope Grass Project at 084 629 9674, or [email protected]. Facebook group: Hope Grass Project. Alternatively, click here to access the documents.