Hundreds gather at Grain SA’s prayer day

More than 1000 people attended Grain SA’s prayer day for South Africa and its agricultural sector in Bothaville today.

Hundreds gather at Grain SA’s prayer day

Farmers, farm workers and business people, among others, mainly from the central parts of South Africa were present at the prayer day in the Fanie Ferreira hall at Nampo Park.

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The service was led by South African singer Heinz Winckler (above) and evangelist Dawie Spies.

The attendees said prayers for the South African government, the 2016 elections and land reform. Issues such as farm murders, poverty and unemployment were also raised in prayer.

The majority of the time was allocated to praying for rain and respite from the current drought that is reigning over the most of South Africa.

Farmer’s Jan Grobbelaar and Pieter Esterhuyzen from Bothaville, praying for rain.