Methode Cap Classique: Trends and Figures for 2015/16

Cap Classique (MCC) sold over 2,3 million litres in 2014, while other sparkling wines sold more than 5,4 million litres in the same period, according to the SAWIS report.

Pieter Ferreira, GBW’s cellar master, said that there were currently no distinctions made between regular sparkling wine and Cap Classique (MCC), but he assumed that MCC had increased. Statistics revealed that MCC experienced a double figure growth in production every year, and consumption is on 7% at the moment.

The total sparkling wine export for April 2015 to March 2016 was 6,7 million litres compared to the export of just over eight million in 2014/15.

According to SAWIS’ report, there was a small decline in local sparkling wines sales, but an even larger decrease in the export market.

Ferreira stated that since MCC production doubled every 5 years it was a very healthy category in the wine industry.

“The trend for export and use will remain the same over the next five years with double figures in growth, but it can be influenced by competition and the amount of etiquettes on the market,” Ferreira added.