More Winter rain expected in Swartland than last season

This year’s winter rainy season in the Swartland should be better than that of 2015, according to SA meteorologist Giel Hugo.

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Speaking at the annual SKOG Pre-Plant Information day in Moorreesburg, Hugo said that last year’s winter rainfall had been dismal, and this had followed a very dry summer. The combination had resulted in a severe drought in the region.

“Although it’s not possible to say how much it’s going to rain, it will be better than 2015. All the signs are there and even if you get less than normal rainfall, the frequency of occurrence is good and this is what is going to help farmers,” he said.

Hugo said that three principal factors influenced rainfall: latitude, which could not be changed; longitude, a thermal process; and jet streams.

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“What will happen is that the high pressure belt will progressively move north, which will result in smaller fronts coming in until we receive our big rains in June and July, or even late summer.”