New DuPont technology centre to benefit farmers in Africa

The research facility was unveiled by DuPont CEO Ellen Kullman earlier this week.

According to Dupont, the centre was designed to help its ongoing efforts to accelerate seed product development for Africa’s farmers and help them better manage key agronomic challenges, including pest and disease pressure, climate volatility and nutrient-depleted soils.

“Agriculture has a vital role to play in the social and economic security of African countries. We are harnessing DuPont’s global science capabilities and resources to create local solutions that improve productivity for farmers in South Africa and throughout the continent,” said Kullman.

She said the new facility would serve as the central hub of existing DuPont Pioneer and Pannar research facilities and testing locations throughout Africa.

According to Kullman, over a five year period until 2017, a total of R62 million would be invested in the Delmas facility.