No holiday for KZN stock thieves

Instead of spending the National Women’s Day public holiday relaxing, 25 suspected stock thieves in northern KwaZulu-Natal found themselves behind bars instead.

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They were arrested on charges ranging from stock theft to contravening the Animal Identification Act, 2002. The Glencoe Stock Theft Unit also reportedly recovered 19 head of cattle and a goat believed to have been stolen. “Various areas, including Dannhauser, Hattingspruit and Nhlanhleni, with a high prevalence of stock theft were placed under intelligence surveillance,” said KZN SAPS spokesperson Captain Thulani Zwane. “The estimated value of the recovered livestock is R153 500.”

Zwane added that the arrests and recovery of suspected stolen animals could be attributed to an intensive livestock branding campaign implemented by the Glencoe Stock Theft Unit, and a good relationship between livestock owners in the area and the SAPS.

KZN Provincial SAPS Commissioner Lieutenant-General Mmamonnye Ngobeni had urged all livestock owners to mark their animals clearly with a registered brand, as this would assist with their speedy identification and recovery if stolen. “We also advise livestock owners to take the necessary precautions to safeguard their animals while grazing,” said Ngobeni. “We’ll continue to fight stock theft in partnership with rural livestock owners.”

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