North West fisheries programme launched

The North West department of agriculture recently launched its Aquaculture and Fisheries Programme at Disaneng Dam near Mahikeng.

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A study by Rhodes University recommended the use of six dams –Disaneng, Ngotwane, Madikwe, Lotlamoreng, Molatedi and Taung – for aquaculture and subsistence fishing, as these already hold large populations of fish species. “Aquaculture is regarded as one of the fastest growing sectors in the entire world and can play an important role in the alleviation of poverty”, said North West MEC Desbo Mohono.

“We are geared up and raring to grow. Community and government support will certainly help us sustain fish farming, thereby attaining the objective of this programme.” Director of rural fisheries at Rhodes University, Qurban Rouhani, said the university would continue to offer technical support.

This included training fishers, providing them with equipment, and helping them keep records and manage their finances.
Mohono said the Department of Economic Development, Environment, Conservation and Tourism would ensure that the industry was well-regulated. “The survival and success of this project is dependent on the good management of resources, partnerships, strengthened governance, effective fisheries management and proper institutional arrangement,” she said.

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