Practical livestock production diploma offered part-time

An initiative by the Red Meat Producers’ Organisation (RPO) has resulted in a practical-orientated part-time course towards a National Diploma in Livestock Production (NDLP) becoming available to prospective farmers.

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Developed in conjunction with the BathoPele Agri Development Institute (BPADI), the course can be completed in 18 to 24 months.

“Some young farmers join a farming business straight from school, while other young students prefer a practical study plan over an academic one,” said a RPO statement.

The NDLP is intended to offer students who prefer more practical learning the opportunity to earn a formal qualification in livestock production. The part-time nature of the course allows already employed individuals to participate.

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Course modules include farm management, agricultural markets and marketing, personnel management, infrastructure, financial management, and entrepreneurial agricultural management.

Participants must attend a series of week-long study schools, hosted mostly by the OVK agri-company, over the period of the study period. Five NDLP courses will be on offer in various parts of the country during 2016. Contact Odette Shepperson at 051 451 1120 for more information.