Protecting Karoo Lamb

According to the Government Gazette of 1 November, the Karoo Development Foundation Trust has requested that the name ‘Karoo Lamb’ be only used in connection with lamb produced and slaughtered in the Karoo region.

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This includes lambs born in the region as well as those born outside the Karoo but which have been in the Karoo (on natural veld) for a continuous period of at least six months prior to slaughter.

Various other production practices are outlined, and abbatoirs and cutting, processing and packaging facilities must all comply with the relevant food safety regulations.

Compliance with these and other rules will enable the product to carry the ‘Certified Karoo Meat of Origin’ mark. Restaurateurs will only be allowed to use the name ‘Karoo Lamb’ on their menus if they can demonstrate they’ve acquired the lamb from approved producers.

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The proposal is open for public comment until the end of November. And can be submitted to the registrar of Trade Marks, Private Bag X400, Pretoria, 0001.