Sussex cattle ideal for commercial beef production

The time has come for Sussex breeders to redefine the role of the Sussex in SA’s beef industry.

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This was according to well-known Sussex breeder Anthony Evans from Viljoenskroon in the Free State.

Speaking at the World Sussex Conference in Bloemfontein recently, Evans said the focus must be shifted to establish the breed as a credible option for commercial beef producers.

He pointed out that the breed had shown steady progress over the past decade and did not depend on its cross-breeding role for its survival.

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“I can remember very large herds of pure commercial Sussex in countries to the north of us – [these were] highly successful without the influence of any indigenous breeds,” he said.

“In my own case, after many decades of criss-crossing with the Afrikaner, we are now converting our commercial herd to pure Sussex – and the results are promising.

“With a 97% pregnancy rate this year, and weaning weights well over 250kg, frankly, who needs hybrid vigour?”