Vaccinations for Gauteng livestock

Gauteng’s Veterinary Services will vaccinate livestock in the Rust de Winter region north of Pretoria on Saturday (24 May 2014).

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About 5 780 livestock in and around Rust de Winter will be vaccinated against various diseases in the annual vaccination programme conducted by the Gauteng Veterinary Services, in partnership with more than 100 Onderstepoort veterinary students.

The programme, which costs about R1 million is free, and aims to treat animals that need immediate treatment.

The vaccination day has been set up as a proactive approach to avoiding potentially fatal and economically devastating livestock diseases.

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“We are vaccinating against lumpy skin disease, botulism, anthrax and black quarter. We’ll also be dipping animals with a pour-on dip, to provide some protection from tick-borne diseases,” said Dr Faculty Baloyi.

The programme, that was initiated in 2007, earned the Gauteng Animal Health Veterinary Services the 2013 World Veterinary Day Award from the World Veterinary Association in collaboration with the World Animal Health Organisation.