Agrico helps SKS Boerdery overcome three major challenges

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For the Steenkamp brothers at SKS Boerdery in Middelburg, Mpumalanga, dry fields, unpredictable power supply and even theft are constant struggles. When it came to finding an irrigation supplier to help them move from dryland production to irrigation, Polla Steenkamp wasn’t about to settle for second best.

Agrico helps SKS Boerdery overcome three major challenges
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He scoured the market for cutting-edge technology and rock-solid reliability in irrigation equipment. “In the end, there was no other choice for us but Agrico,” says Steenkamp.

Fighting theft with the Agrico G4 centre pivot

The Agrico G4 centre pivot system, a prime example of irrigation engineering, immediately caught his eye. Its sleek design, with cables tucked away out of sight, promised protection against the ever-present threat of theft in South Africa.

The elegant G4 tower, capable of spanning fields up to 70m wide with its three-legged centre (a unique twist on the classic design), is a fortress against theft.

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Cables and vital components are hidden in the truss structure. Even the main panel, the brain of the operation, remains shielded behind a tamper-proof cover, leaving would-be thieves frustrated.

Overcoming electricity shortages with solar power

But SKS Boerdery’s needs ran deeper than security, as Eskom’s unpredictable power grid threatened to choke their crops’ water supply just when they needed it most.

Agrico’s team saw these challenges as a perfect opportunity for innovation. Willie Cilliers, branch manager of Agrico Ermelo, proposed a bold solution: solar panels and generators would power the entire project, making operations Eskom-independent.

In Steenkamp’s own words: “Every time that a challenge came up, the Agrico team analysed the situation and responded with positive feedback and solutions. I had a very good experience working with Willie and his team of engineers from Bellville. I only have praise for them. I don’t think there was ever a problem and I hope this goes both ways.”

A final touch of efficiency with LEPA

Ask any farmer what it takes to run a profitable business, and they will tell you: every drop of water, every watt of energy, matters. Enter the LEPA system: low-pressure irrigation which minimises losses and delivers water exactly where it is needed.

And who needs a weatherman when you have Agrico’s Web Control? This digital wizard, accessible from the comfort of Steenkamp’s phone, has become his irrigation command centre. Agrico’s Web Control enables you to manage various pumps and pivots from the comfort of your smart device.

Web Control, with a GPS system, monitors the pressure at the end of each pivot and adjusts the strength of your motors and pumps to meet each pivot’s exact needs at any moment as the towers move across your fields.

“It’s all about efficiency,” Steenkamp says, his voice filled with the satisfaction of a man who has tamed the elements.

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