Innovation at Agritechnica

The vast biennial Agritechnica trade expo in Germany is well known as a showcase of technical innovation. This year’s event is no different.

Innovation at Agritechnica
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Agritechnica is the world’s leading trade expo for farm machinery. For this year’s show, to be held in Hanover from 10 to 14 November, no fewer than 311 innovations have been registered with the Deutsche Landwirtschafts-Gesellschaft (German Agricultural Society), which organises the expo. John Deere is to be awarded three gold medals and 10 silver medals for, inter alia:

Spraying operation support
Crop treatment requires farmers to look at a wide range of information in order to decide on a specific treatment. The growing complexity of this information and the statutory requirements that have to be considered can lead to mistakes with application and the risk of spraying non-target areas.

The combination of two features – the Connected Crop Protection and the Chemical Application Manager – helps users to make well-timed and precise applications. BASF’s Chemical Application Manager and John Deere equipment are also compatible. The data is transmitted in the universal ISO-XML format, an industry standard that means other systems can be added. The user controls the cycle, plans and edits precision farming applications, and documents the individual jobs. For added safety, the system scans product codes for further automation of the documentation.

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Comprehensive Nutrient Management
This user-friendly system provides ideal nutrient balance and a higher level of nutrient efficiency, as nutrient distribution is optimised according to sub-area demands and vegetation times. The system offers a comprehensive harvest history and includes technology for precise fertiliser application.

John Deere’s ProCut controls the gap between knives and counterblade. The system offers significant convenience and cost savings for the user, as it indicates the optimal time to adjust the counterblade and sharpen the knives. It even recommends the number of grinds to be applied. With all the elements maintained in excellent condition, fuel consumption drops and so do the costs for knives, counterblade and grinder.

Fendt VarioGrip Pro
The Fendt VarioGrip Pro uses a high-pressure tyre inside a newly developed tyre. This internal tyre serves as an accumulator which allows the inflation pressure to be altered rapidly. The air is pumped into the internal tyre through a simple sealed rotary union.

The valves and pressure sensors are powered through inductive transmission inside the axle. The same applies to the control signals. Dispensing with extra compressors, pressure tanks and control lines, this technology can increase inflation pressure from 0,8 to 1,8 bars within 30 seconds by exchanging the pressure directly and without changing engine speed.

Producing forage pellets on the land
Pellets made from feed crops can be used as fuel, bedding and feed for animals. The Krone Premos 5000 pelleter is the first mobile pellet harvester that can produce 16mm-diameter pellets without pre-crushing, thanks to its two interlocking die rollers.

The Premos 5000 is designed for on-site use, where it picks up the material directly from the swath. The system is extremely efficient and has a low specific energy input per ton of pellets produced.