John Deere launches combine with ‘mammoth’ capacity

Sponsored by John Deere

John Deere has just launched its X9 Series Combine, which it says is currently the largest grain-handling harvester in Africa.

John Deere launches combine with ‘mammoth’ capacity
John Deere takes operator comfort seriously in its new X9 Series Combine.
Photo: Supplied
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The John Deere X9 Series Combine has been specifically designed for high yields and high-moisture crops under challenging conditions. This machine will allow its operator to move and harvest at a rapid pace, a statement by the company says.

Elements of the X9 Combine

The X9 Combine provides efficient crop feeding with up to 25% less grain loss. Tests by farmers conducted on high-yielding maize in South Africa indicated only a 0,3% grain loss.
Its 1 720mm-wide feeder house allows for high-capacity throughput, resulting in 45% more volume than a combine with a narrow body.

The new machine also has a 1 720mm-wide dual separator with a dedicated feeding, threshing and separating area, complementing even-feeding and good rock rejection. The 4m² effective threshing area also results in high-performance threshing.

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The X9 has a residue system of up to 15,24m spread, low-energy knife design, auto swap for optimum wind compensation and remote knife bank adjustment. Overall it has a 20kW power savings on the residue management system, according to the statement.

Comfort is key

The X9 provides operators with a large 3,7m² cab, and the noise level inside the cab has been reduced by as much as 20%. The cab also has good all-around visibility, with an ergonomic design featuring the exclusive Active Seat and Electromechanical suspension.

Comfort is further enhanced by perforated leather seats with heating, ventilation, two-zone massage capabilities, inflatable side cushions, extendable seat cushions, electric controls, 16° seat swivel to both sides, LED lighting, and an Apple CarPlay digital radio. The customised machine control set-up includes a Generation 4 CommandCenter and seven programmable buttons on the joystick for comfort and ease of use.

Operators can expect up to 30% more performance on slopes up to 10° and reduced tailings up to 50% in descending terrain of 10° with Active Terrain Adjustments.
According to feedback from customers, the combine’s engine performs extremely well at low revolutions of only 1 900rpm, resulting in fuel savings, the company adds.

Harvest faster

Below are a few more benefits:

  • The PowerTech 13,6ℓ engine with up to 515kW results in 20% less fuel consumption and 30% more torque than the 13,5ℓ engine.
  • The ProDrive XL transmission gives 30% more torque throughout the entire speed range.
  • The 30% larger footprint lowers ground pressure, with less compaction, reduced
    tillage costs, and higher crop yields.
  • The cost of operation is lower due to a 50% slower wear rate with zero maintenance.
  • The comfort level has increased by 20%, and operators can enjoy a smoother ride at 40km/h.

X9 Series Front-End Equipment

Hinged Drapers and Folding Corn Headers can be used with the X9, but this depends on the type of crop being harvested.