John Deere’s 6M tractor series launch

Joe Spencer attended the SA launch of John Deere’s 6M series tractors at the Royal Show Grounds, Pietermaritzburg.

John Deere’s 6M tractor series launch

Photo: Joe Spencer
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New John Deere’s 6M tractor series bridges the gap between tractors in its previous ranges. The series comprises five models, ranging from the 78kW 6105M to the 127kW 6170M. The 6105M 6125M and 6140M, are available with cabs or as ‘open station’ models, while the 6150M and 6170M are equipped only with cabs.

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John Deere’s 6M tractor series review

The 6M range features a longer wheelbase, and all 6M tractors are built according to JD’s ‘full frame’ concept, which aims for high structural integrity, low vibration levels and lower overall weight. The PFC hydraulic system has been boosted to deal with the demands of auxiliary equipment, and there is the added flexibility of an optional integrated front hitch and front power take-off. JD suppliers Mascor will fit Trelleborg tyres as standard to all the tractors.

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Accessible engines
The new tractors are powered by JD Powertech 4,5-litre four-cylinder engines in the 6105M, 6125M and 6140M models, and the JD Powertech 6,8-litre six-cylinder in the 6150M and 6170M. The engines are Tier 2, as low sulphur diesel fuel is not yet readily available in all parts of Southern Africa.

Ergonomically efficient
The controls in the 6M come readily to hand and the cab design allows excellent all-round visibility in a quiet, comfortable environment. The electrical reverser on the left of the steering column controls clutchless direction changes, and is ideal for loader work. The transmission allows for rapid shifting, including speed matching. It is operated by a single range lever with declutch function and push-button gear selection. ‘Soft shift’ technology keeps the changes smooth, even under load.

Top of the range
The 6170M, rated at 127kW, is the most powerful tractor in the range and fills a gap between the biggest tractor in the Utility series and the 7000 series. The six-cylinder 6150M and 6170M tractors also have a longer wheelbase than the previous models.

This article was originally published in the 1 November 2013 issue of Farmers Weekly.