Keep your tractor in tip-top condition with MF Connect

MF Connect teams up with your Massey Ferguson dealer to help you ensure that your tractor operates at peak performance.

Keep your tractor in tip-top condition with MF Connect
MF Connect comes standard with a free, five-year subscription on the purchase of a new MF 8700 S model tractor.
Photo: Massey Ferguson
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An equipment-management solution that enables remote and real-time monitoring of any device is now available from Massey Ferguson (MF). MF Connect enables machine data to be used to make operational decisions about equipment performance and ensure that preventative maintenance can be carried out optimally.

MF Connect comes standard with a free, five-year subscription on any purchase of a new MF 8700 S model and is an optional extra for the MF 7700 S Models.

The MF 8700 S series is ideal for producers looking for an efficient, high-horsepower, precision farming tractor. MF 7700 S series tractors are designed to meet the needs of farmers across all sectors, from livestock to arable, mixed and contracting.

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How it works
Machine data is collected and evaluated through MF Connect to enable farmers and contractors to monitor, analyse, and optimise the condition and use of their machines, as well as improve work efficiency and minimise downtime.

Mobile data transmission means that real-time machine data is retrievable on any device, whether an office desktop, tablet or smartphone.

In co-operation with your MF dealer, MF Connect can assist you in retaining your tractor in optimal condition, increasing uptime by ensuring it is ready to work whenever needed.
Service and maintenance notifications keep you informed of the machine’s condition, which enables you to schedule planned maintenance outside of busy periods.

MF Connect informs you about the machine position and route, fuel consumption, speed and working time, machine capacity and any error messages.
main benefits

MF Connect offers many advantages, regardless of your industry or the specific tasks undertaken with the tractor:

  • Improved operating efficiency due to optimised logistics decisions.
  • Reduced input costs by monitoring consumption on the go.
  • Maximised uptime, through smart maintenance and service planning.
  • Time saving and peace of mind, thanks to the diagnostic support for decision-making, including preventative maintenance.
  • Real-time machine data at the touch of a button.
  • Remote diagnostics via a connection with your MF dealer.

On your next purchase of a new high-horsepower MF tractor, your dealer will take you through the process of creating a new account at

Following the registration process, you will be able to link your tractor and any others to the account, and data will start coming through.

For more information about MF Connect, contact your nearest MF dealer on