The impressive GWM P-Series LTD

It is remarkable how the motoring industry, much like the agriculture sector, goes up and down. The technological advancements recently introduced in multiple vehicles across various price brackets demonstrate how affordable technology has become.

The impressive GWM P-Series LTD
It is no surprise that GWM leads the way with SUVs and bakkies in the Chinese vehicle market with tech-savvy products such as the all-new GWM P-Series.
Photo: Sindira Chetty
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GWM can be proud of its all-new P-Series LTD. It is remarkable how a tough and rugged bakkie, jam-packed with features and functions can also be available at its current price point. In the Chinese vehicle market, GWM has been a leader in SUVs and pickup (bakkie) sales. After driving this bakkie for a week, I can see why.

This beast has got it all. Over the course of a week, I test-drove the flagship model, P-Series LTD, double cab, 2ℓ turbodiesel, 120kW, 400Nm, 4×4, 8-speed automatic.

I needed to make sure that this bakkie was not just a pretty shiny new thing, but that it could deliver on what I had come to expect from a workhorse bakkie.

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On Monday I drove the bakkie to Alicia and Reinhard Pienaar’s farm, where they roped me into running some of their neighbourly errands. Follow us on TikTok and watch how we conduct the Farmer’s Weekly farmer test on this bakkie.

With a loading capacity of 650kg, we stacked hay bales in the back, and four adults comfortably seated in the cabin. We spend the day driving from farm to farm with ease and comfort.

Farmer’s test

With approval from our farmer friends, we can confirm that the P-Series LTD passed the Farmer’s Weekly farmer test.

On Tuesday, I braved the N1 between Johannesburg and Pretoria during peak traffic, but the P-Series LTD was not fazed; the cabin comfort features and Lane Keeping Assist (LDW) technology made the drive a pleasure.

On Wednesday I visited some of the smallest parking bays in Sandton. But the P-Series LTD remained undefeated, as the 360° camera and park-distance sensors made parking, manoeuvring and avoiding a sea of random columns a stress-free experience.

On Friday, I drove from Johannesburg to the Nampo showgrounds in Bothaville to test the open road and fuel efficiency, and although the GWM brochure indicated 9,6ℓ/100km, I managed to get 10,4ℓ/100km without trying.

Value for money

I was truly impressed. This value-for-money flagship model is equipped with a range of rugged features, such as 18-inch black alloy rims, black sports bar, black roll bar, snorkel, black bin liner, off-road steel front and rear bumpers, and off-road wheel arches.

The extras certainly added to the all-terrain appeal. However, the responsive driving experience came from the various driving modes, including 2H, 4H, 4L Snow, Mud and Sand, front-and-rear diff lock, and off-road driving systems such as drive-mode memory and cross-country expert mode.

The interior is beautifully finished with diamond-stitched leather, automated seat adjustment on both front seats, USB ports in the front, rear, and on the rearview mirror console, a large multimedia display which includes Apple and Android car play, electronic-driver console display, multifunctional steering wheel, adaptive cruise control, voice recognition, front-seat heating, 220V power outlet  and wireless phone charging.

At R644 950 for the double cab 2.0 turbo-diesel LTD 4×4 auto, this flagship vehicle is generously priced when compared with other top-tiered double cab bakkies in South Africa.

I give this bakkie 4,5 sheep out of 5 and strongly recommend our agri- and agro-processing community to consider it for their next purchase.