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The allure of Barkly East’s famous fly-fishing streams

Fly fishing is as synonymous with the Eastern Cape district of Barkly East as are Merino wool and snow-capped mountains in winter. As Mike Burgess writes, the legacy of fly fishing in the region is not only rich, but evolving.

Using land for recreation

Recreation in natural areas is an excellent way of reconnecting people with the environment. Besides the educational function, it is also a possible income stream for farmers.

Birdwatching: a novel income opportunity for farms

Avitourism, or birdwatching, has the potential to provide farmers with an additional source of revenue, write Dr Adam Viljoen and Christelle van Zyl, researchers at North-West University’s Tourism Research in Economic Environs and Society.
self-catering accommodation

How a Klein Karoo wine and fruit farm became a tourist mecca

Instead of competing with the giant wine brands, Jacques and Saretha Conradie take advantage of the location of Vogelsang farm to put their wines and estate on the map.
The heart-shaped pan

Hunting traditionally with the Khomani San

The Khomani San of the Kalahari are revered for their intimate knowledge of bush lore. Now they’re practising these skills commercially and offering hunting packages on the vast tracts of land they own around the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park. In so doing, they are creating sustainable livelihoods for their community, too.
Game lodge

How to profit from a small hunting operation

Johann Erwee of Kuduwane Game Lodge provided Gerhard Uys with insights into what it takes to keep a small hunting operation economically sustainable, and its environment ecologically sound.
Buffalo on the Luvuvhu River

Training the future guardians of our natural environment

EcoTraining, a South Africa-based company, has helped more than 11 000 people from around the world qualify as nature guides, and its graduates are sought after by the ecotourism industry. Its courses are run in Africa, Asia and Australia, India and Nepal.
Mountain Zebra National Park, Eastern Cape

National parks for all seasons!

Experience South Africa’s national parks when they are at their best this coming year, says Taryn Arnott van Jaarsveld and René de Klerk.
Food and accommodation: what to provide and how to market it

Food and accommodation: what to provide and how to market it

In the final article of this four-part series, Julinda Schroeder examines what to take into account when planning pricing, food preparation, accommodation, and a marketing strategy. Some of these have legal requirements; all require a systematic approach and attention to detail.
Business and legal implications of an agritourism venture

Business and legal implications of an agritourism venture

Once you have conducted the necessary feasibility studies and determined the exact format of your agritourism business, the next step would be to decide on an appropriate business structure for the venture.
Agritourism basics: Could you make it work?

Agritourism basics: Could you make it work?

Developing an agritourism operation may present a viable way to increase your farming income, while still maintaining normal farming activities, but it may not be suitable for every farm or farmer. Julinda Schroeder reports.
Is agritourism the answer for your farming business’ woes?

Is agritourism the answer for your farming business’ woes?

Agritourism can offer farmers an ideal avenue for diversifying their agricultural enterprises while earning additional income. In a four-part series, Julinda Schroeder examines the advantages and disadvantages of establishing a tourism venture on a farm, as well as the legal, health and safety, and business aspects of such an enterprise.

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