Selecting Beefmasters for functional efficiency

Selecting breeding stock using economically important criteria over many years has enabled Tony Spolidoro to build up a stud herd of hardy, productive, no-nonsense Beefmaster cattle second to none. Chris...
Sussex cow

Top Sussex breeder’s extreme measures to beat stock theft

Linden Hewson owns the 2017 Farmer’s Weekly/ARC National Best Elite Sussex cow. This achievement is significant, as the Grey Maclean Stud near East London has been kraaled every night since...
Scientific selection: a boost for the bottom line

Scientific selection in beef cattle breeding

Breeding beef cattle for greater efficiency and sustained profit is both a science and an art, says Arlington farmer Llewellyn Angus.
Brafords prove their worth on traditional sheep farm

Brafords prove their worth on traditional sheep farm

Although Van Aardt Greyling from the farm Ricksuhill near Lady Grey in the Eastern Cape is better known for his SA Mutton Merinos, his Beefpower Braford Stud is nevertheless home...
Hans Franck’s Macarara Simmentaler Stud

Small Simmentaler stud takes on the country’s best

The size of an operation counts less than dedication, persistence, insight and quality genetics. Operating on a modestly-sized parcel of land minutes from suburban Pretoria, the performance of Hans Franck’s...
Nguni cattle

A unique farm-to-fork Nguni operation

Johan and Danita de Swardt, who became farmers after retiring from corporate careers, ensure profitably by supplying value-added beef directly to their clients. Chris Nel visited them on their farm,...
Limousin stud Devlan

Top Limousin stud’s ‘simple strategy’ for success

Multi-award-winning Limousin stud breeder John Devonport says that a simple and practical approach makes business sense when breeding top cattle.
Jersey, Holstein and crossbred dairy cows

Producing on pasture: an unexpected lifeline for Free State dairy

Free State dairy farmer Mick Quin has managed to grow his business by more than 800% at a time when many inland producers are struggling to survive. His secret, as...
Profiting from indigenous livestock

Profiting from indigenous livestock

John Schenk and Fiona Lees are focused on the timber industry near Hogsback, but started a part-time agricultural venture near Elliot in 2004. Despite committing to Nguni cattle, their willingness...
Breeding Bonsmaras for versatility and profit

Breeding Bonsmaras for versatility and profit

With Bonsmaras having been bred for decades in South Africa for local conditions, the standards for this beef breed are firmly established. One Free State farming family is building on...
Herefords in Namibia: 100 years of genetic improvement

Herefords in Namibia: 100 years of genetic improvement

Since the first Herefords arrived in Namibia in 1918, the breed has steadily adapted to the harsh realities of beef production in the country. A century later they have emerged...
Sustainability in pasture- based dairy farming

Sustainability in pasture-based dairy farming

One of the questions modern farmers face is whether they can farm in an environmentally sustainable, yet profitable, way. Craig Galloway provided the answer in his PhD thesis on the...


Managing for profit by Peter Hughes

Financial literacy: an essential life skill

The bakkie died. Groaning in frustration, the farm manager, Justin (not his real name), climbed out and opened the bonnet. He bent over the engine...

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